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Factory standard - 2018 VW Touran with Solarplexius sunscreen

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Summer is approaching and you can immediately see how the temperatures in the vehicle rise when the sun shines. Darkened windows help here, which not only look classy, ​​but also protect against heat and UV rays. However, not every manufacturer still offers darkened windows ex works. When buying a used car, they are often not available or the factory tint is simply not sufficient. We have now received a vehicle with factory-darkened windows. This is already very helpful, but the protection can still be significantly improved. Normally tinted green glass ensures that approx. 70 percent of the heat gets inside the vehicle. The factory tint significantly improves this value once again, as it only brings 30 to 40 percent of the heat into the vehicle. If you want to tone the side windows and the rear window even further and especially reduce the penetration of heat and UV rays to a minimum, this is the one Solarplexius sunscreen exactly the right thing. Since we already have reported about it several times How easy it is to install the sun protection set on vehicles without factory tinting, we will now show you the system on a vehicle that already has darkened windows from the factory. The test object is a brand new one VW Touran II year 2018.

2018 VW Touran Solarplexius Sunscreen Review 17 Factory 2018 VW Touran with Solarplexius Sunscreen

The photo shows: The interior can be clearly seen when looking through the factory tint. But if you install them Solarplexius slices, one has the certainty that when looking through the side window, neither the contents of the trunk nor that of the rear seat bench are revealed. No matter how hard you try, you can only guess what is on the back seat. Protection against long fingers is definitely required, because only very few will attempt to open a vehicle on suspicion.

2018 VW Touran Solarplexius Sunscreen Review 2 e1525175186634 Factory 2018 VW Touran with Solarplexius sunshade
There is a clear difference between the Solarplexius lenses and the factory tint.

The installation is very simple (short instructions below). The Solarplexius sunshades are made of approx. 2 millimeter thick Macrolon acrylic glass, can be bent as desired and are therefore easy to attach behind the regular vehicle trim. It is important to note that it is not necessary to dismantle parts of the vehicle equipment. The same applies if the panes are to be removed again. By the way, according to the manufacturer, you should first to remove the protective film from the panes during installation. However, we have found that the film is sometimes more difficult to remove and can get stuck especially in the corners. That is why we removed both protective films completely before installation. The installation of this vehicle was extremely simple, quick and of course free of bubbles, creases or cracks. From now on our Touran will heat up much more slowly in summer and nobody will catch a glimpse of the trunk or the back seat. In addition, the occupants are much better protected against UV radiation (UVA and UVB).

Video: View to the outside with Solarplexius system & factory tint

the installation in detail - installation time approx. 15-20 minutes

As expected, the Solarplexius panes also fit perfectly on our Touran, the installation of the supplied plastic strips would not have been necessary. However, if the panes still have a little clearance, the plastic strips should be attached for better grip. To do this, simply remove the protective film from the adhesive strips on the strips and slide the flat part directly between the pane and the panel so that the thicker part lies against the panel. Done! Now summer can come!

short walkaround around the vehicle


  • Solarplexius panes are finished and fit exactly for the desired vehicle
  • Material: Macrolon acrylic glass (about 2 mm thick)
  • simple installation and removal
  • no water, no bubbles, no cracks
  • Vehicle heats up much slower in the summer
  • high protection against UV radiation (UVA and UVB protection)
  • Color deep black (inside dark brown)
  • it is no longer possible to look into the vehicle
  • Movable door panes can still be opened (original panes move up and down - privacy screens remain in place)
  • available for cars, vans and vans for 30 years
  • TÜV and ABG (each Solarplexius disc comes with a test mark and there is an ABG, sun and sight protection does not have to be entered)

solarplexius sun protection Logo Factory standard 2018 VW Touran with Solarplexius sun protection

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