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Difficult but feasible - retrofit the all-wheel drive!

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Ken Blocks Climbkhana 1.400PS Ford Mustang AWD 5 Difficult but feasible Retrofit the all-wheel drive!

In Germany, winter time often means smooth roads and slush in every corner. With rear or front-wheel drive, a car can swerve quickly and becomes a danger to vehicle occupants and other road users. A car with all-wheel drive, on the other hand, is not only well on track in off-road, the four-wheel drive also has many advantages on slippery or slippery roads. Anyone who has ever had to stop on a snowy mountain and then couldn't drive off will know what we're talking about. Below we go into more detail about conversion options for the vehicle.

Retrofitting all-wheel drive - is that possible?

Retrofitting 4WD all-wheel drive e1577080982468 Difficult but feasible Retrofitting all-wheel drive!

The all-wheel drive offers many advantages on rough roads, slippery, slushy and off-road. If you want to have your car converted to all-wheel drive, you don't have a large selection of companies that offer such a conversion. In Germany, for example, Dangel is an option and FAM Automobiles can be found in France. Demand could also be worthwhile in a local tuning workshop. The professional tuner may know advice.

Retrofitting all-wheel drive - how does it work?

Retrofitting 4WD all-wheel drive Cardan shaft e1577081046845 Difficult but feasible Retrofitting all-wheel drive!

Retrofitting the all-wheel drive is a really expensive undertaking. Furthermore, it may be that not every provider also retrofits every vehicle model. It is therefore advisable to inquire at the targeted specialist workshop. Certain companies also retrofit all-wheel drive for new vehicles. French car models, such as Peugeot, could possibly be retrofitted with all-wheel drive at FAM Automobiles. The basis is crucial. If the manufacturer has an optional all-wheel drive vehicle, retrofitting can be much easier. The space for the necessary components is then usually already available and the components only need to a large extent retrofitted become. The car is available ex works can not be with all-wheel drive, but the conversion is complex and expensive. The four-wheel drive can be retrofitted by professionals within one day. Companies that do this in shifts usually take on several vehicles of the same series.

Gymkhana 10 Tuning Hoonitruck 1977 Ford F 150 3 Difficult but feasible Retrofit the all-wheel drive!

The vehicles, or rear axles and tires, must first be dismantled. Depending on the vehicle model, other vehicle components, such as the tank, must also be dismantled. To retrofit the all-wheel drive, a new drive shaft (propeller shaft) and this needs space for assembly. The rear axle may also be replaced. Depending on the vehicle model, switchable all-wheel drive can also be implemented, which switches on automatically and has a new rear axle differential. The workshops that offer such retrofits can be asked directly how the four-wheel drive retrofit works or whether alternatives can be used.

Retrofitting all-wheel drive - are there alternatives?

If the classic all-wheel drive is not available and retrofitting is out of the question or too expensive, then at least one is possible differential lock let set up. Many tuners offer this and install such a lock for the front axle area or for rear-wheel drive. The differential lock that the company installs then works automatically. The driver usually does not have to activate or deactivate anything. Such a differential lock is ideal for bad routes and intervenes automatically. In addition to the differential lock, other conversions are useful. Should it go off-road Off-road tires or underbody- Fenders make sense.

Retrofitting all-wheel drive - conclusion

Four-wheel drive can be retrofitted for a vehicle. Retrofitting is only offered by a few companies and is comparatively expensive. An alternative is an automatic differential lock for the front axle area. The respective conversion companies will inform you about the costs. The following all-wheel drive variant from the Russian tuner Garage54, on the other hand, is to be taken less seriously. After the team already had one Steel rim for the optically chic aluminum wheel rebuilt, it was now a do-it-yourself all-wheel drive. Installed on an old Lada, the system with two steel cables, special rims and small deflection rollers makes the front wheels turn and at least for the moment it is a completely normal all-wheel-drive vehicle that can free itself from a predicament.

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Land Rover Defender Widebody LS3 V8 ECD Tuning 10 Difficult but feasible Retrofit the all-wheel drive!

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Measuring vehicle Measuring vehicle Measuring vehicle 3 e1576907181697 310x165 Difficult but feasible Retrofit the all-wheel drive!

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Sales vehicle B% C3% A4ckerwagen Fischwagen Workshop vehicle 2 1 310x165 Difficult but feasible Retrofit the all-wheel drive!

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QWEST Norfolk Tesla Model S Kombi Shootingbrake Tuning 1 310x165 Difficult but feasible Retrofit the all-wheel drive!

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12 o'clock marking steering wheel marking 1 310x165 Difficult but feasible Retrofit the all-wheel drive!

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Porsche 911 993 Speedster Replica Tuning John Sarkisyan 310x165 Difficult but feasible Retrofit the all-wheel drive!

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Convertible top tuning module color 310x165 difficult but feasible retrofit the all-wheel drive!

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