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Android Auto or Android Automotive? The differences!

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Polestar Android Auto Android Automotive Android Auto or Android Automotive? The differences!


Many of you have certainly heard of the term Android Auto and most of the time the topic is connected to smartphones. As technology has evolved, you can find a lot of cars using this system these days. You have to make a difference between that Android Auto System and the Android automotive system to know what it is all about. The following article explains the basics of the systems and explains their advantages and disadvantages. This gives you a better overview of the topic.

the biggest differences

Polestar Android Auto Android Automotive 3 Android Auto or Android Automotive? The differences!

Newer cars have a screen where the main functions are shown. In the past, this screen was mostly used to display the controls or other content such as route planning or the music system. However, the infotainment systems are much more than that: they should make driving easier and support the driver. Google has developed two systems that may appear the same at first glance, but have a lot of differences. Therefore, their characteristics are presented in detail here. Android Auto is an app that you download to your cell phone and then virtually connect it to your car. In this way, the entire logic is played on the cell phone, with the infotainment system functioning as a display. To put it simply, the smartphone with the essential functions for the car (music, navigation system, phone list etc.) is reflected on the infotainment display and therefore requires a direct and permanent connection. This can take place either via a wireless or a wired variant. So the disadvantage is that you always have to have your mobile phone with you when you want to use this app and the battery is always charged by your smartphone.

Operating system for infotainment

Polestar Android Auto Android Automotive 2 Android Auto or Android Automotive? The differences!

Unlike the Android car, the Android automotive system extends deep into the vehicle's infrastructure so that it is not an operating system for the car, but rather for the infotainment system. This means that no direct connection to the smartphone is required, since it already runs on the vehicle's display. Such a system naturally has a lot of advantages. The biggest advantage is that no smartphone is required, and the system also has more functions than is the case with Android Auto. Since Android Automotive penetrates deeply into the vehicle system, it can also call up more information. The fact is that Android Automotive has not yet been officially introduced, so it is not possible to say exactly how deeply it can intervene in the vehicle system.

Android automotive without smartphone

Since the individual characteristics of the two systems have been explained, you can also compare them. You can see for yourself that on the one hand the difference lies in the usability, since you need a smartphone for the Android car and not for the Android Automotive. This can be seen in a simple example: While the smartphone has to evaluate GPS signals, the internal system in the vehicle knows exactly where it is and how fast you are driving. So you can know exactly where you are and in which direction you should steer the vehicle, even over a longer period of time. Android Automotive has a lot of advantages and you can expect that other functions such as window regulators or even the air conditioning can soon be controlled with it. It will also show to what extent external third-party apps (not from google) can be installed. For example for navigation, or an equalizer for the sound system or maybe you can soon Online Casino Play as a pastime. The fact is that not all automakers will give up the Android car, so it is expected that there will be some differences in the system in the car industry in the future. Regarding the subject retrofitting it will be rather difficult with Android Automotive. In particular, the fixed networking of the components in the vehicle should hardly be able to be subsequently integrated into an older model.

exciting topic with a lot of potential

By the way, manufacturers like Polestar are already working closely with Google on the Android infotainment system. The subsidiary of the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo strives to continuously improve the user interface in the vehicle. And the adapted surface in the electrically operated Polestar 2 even works on the basis of Android Automotive. So Google Maps, the Google Assistant and the Google Play Store are an integral part of the car. And also the Volvo XC40 (comes in autumn) the system has on board. The Polestar 2's Android-based infotainment system will adapt to the driver's user preferences and the car can use the Polestar Digital Key to recognize who will drive the vehicle after boarding. It is also able - if desired - to analyze the driver's habits and adapt accordingly. Incidentally, so-called eye tracking and the use of various environmental sensors are also conceivable. The brightness of the screen, a hint if you pay too much attention to the display while driving or information when there is a risk of falling asleep can be output. Android Automotive is an exciting topic with a lot of potential.

Polestar Android Auto Android Automotive 4 Android Auto or Android Automotive? The differences!

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