Great look - low price, upgrade the exhaust trim of the car

The tailpipes of a car play a large part in making the vehicle look as sporty as possible. Depending on the equipment variant of a new car, premium car manufacturers in particular offer various options for designing the “end” of the silencer on a series vehicle. But the tuning market also offers a number of options for designing the exhaust of your beloved vehicle as you wish. No matter whether round, oval or square, steel, stainless steel, black, gold, high gloss or brushed. There are no limits to your imagination and everyone will find exactly the part they want. As with all accessories in the car sector, there are of course differences in quality. Both well-known manufacturers and the supermarket around the corner now offer accessories for cars.

Exhaust covers often for self-assembly

There are also exhaust covers underneath. Here it is difficult to say which aperture is really the right one. The look is a matter of taste and everyone can find the exhaust trim that suits their taste and budget. Make sure you get good value for money! If the desired model was ordered online or purchased in a stationary store, the question arises as to how to attach it. Any halfway decent exhaust trim comes with mounting hardware and instructions for installing the trim. The cautious consumer should consult a specialist if they have any questions; the experienced screwdriver should have no problems with the assembly.

no differences in the exhaust sound

An exhaust cover is just a decorative part, whoever hopes for a sportier sound is wrong here. It serves the optics, not the sound. Tip! Try to see the panel on your car or a comparable model before purchasing so you can be sure that the desired effect suits your taste and that the accessory looks exactly the way you want it. In conclusion, it can be said that exhaust trims are a popular and common accessory in car tuning. The selection on the market is huge, the prices are acceptable and affordable even on a small budget. So go to the nearest shop or search the internet to find the right cover to visually enhance your car.

less is sometimes more

Less nice, on the other hand, are all the fake tailpipes / pseudo exhaust trims from various car suppliers, which are becoming more and more the norm. Almost every manufacturer is currently aiming to give the rear a sporty exhaust trim on the right and left, which unfortunately has no technical purpose at all. Prime examples of fake exhaust covers are currently the new Audi A6 55 TFSI, partly the 2018 BMW X5, the Citroën DS3 Crossback, the Kia ProCeed or even the Mercedes GLE 450.

The only thing missing Tesla Motors! And for these panels already installed at the factory, there are even accessories available various attachments for creating an AMG, M, RS optics of the much more powerful model in the series. However, these covers are also suitable for "real" tailpipes. Especially from newer vehicles. PS. I guess they are even more feeble-minded illuminated tailpipes ...

Of course that had not happened yet! has countless other articles on the subject of auto & tuning in stock. Do you want to see them all? Just click HERE and look around.

Lowered - Additional control unit for electronic lowering

Additional control unit electronic lowering Tuning 310x165 Lowered Additional control unit for the electronic lowering

For more sportiness and dynamics: Sport springs as an option

Lowering springs Sport Springs Tuning 310x165 For more sportiness and dynamics: Sport springs as an option

Light into the dark - modifications to the lighting

Tuning modifications Lighting 310x165 light in the dark Modifications to the lighting

Laminated safety glass, toughened safety glass, etc.

Safety glass tuning 310x165 laminated safety glass, single-pane safety glass, etc.


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