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What does autotuning actually mean? We know it…

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Car tuning

Auto-Tuning comes from English (to tune) and means'Select'. It describes visual and mechanical modifications to a passenger car to increase its performance.

Under visual modifications (Car Styling) we understand design aspects such as changes in the body in its shape and color, windows, rims, lighting and interior equipment. This optical tuning usually has no effect on the performance of the car. By aerodynamic changes of the chassis and the body certain performance values ​​of the car can be easily improved, such as acceleration and top speed.

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The actual tuning resp. the fine-tuning relates to the mechanics of the car. The engine tuning can increase the speed and the stroke volume and thus the performance. By tuning the electronic engine control, the so-called chip tuning, the engine electronics software is adjusted with regard to boost pressure and fuel quantity. This intervention increases engine power and torque. Modifications to the chassis, such as replacing it with shorter springs, lower the vehicle and gain traction.

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Car tuning has no limits to creativity and possibilities. However, one should be aware that there are strict regulations regarding the tuning of motor vehicles. Built-in parts, as well as modifications, must be approved by the appropriate authority and, in case of doubt, must be approved by a recognized auditor. Changes should always be entered in the vehicle documents. Because only by a TÜV-tested vehicle may operate on public roads.

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