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Chiptuning & tuning box - what is it actually?

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Chiptuning is understood to mean the increase in performance of motor vehicle engines by a subsequent change in the control parameters originally set by the manufacturer in the electronic engine control system.

The implementation

With the help of the chip tuning, the amount of fuel within the combustion chamber is increased in the form of interventions in the existing software on the one hand the boost pressure and on the other side. As a result, engine power and torque can be increased without having to change parts. Thus, no structural changes in the engine parts are made in this tuning. An increase in performance is achieved solely by exhausting the existing thermal and mechanical reserves contained in every production engine.

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This reserve formation is related to the fact that the engine manufacturers have gone for economic reasons with their platform production to produce a larger number of engines with different performance data on an even level. Also, some of the more powerful models incorporate higher strength components (created through the use of higher value materials) but with geometric equality.

The guideline values ​​of the electronic engine control, with the help of which residual reserves are to be released, are stored in the form of a data record on a memory chip, the so-called race chip. This chip is rewritable by some manufacturers. In this case, a multi-dimensional characteristic map is usually used. During chip tuning, the necessary data, which is responsible for controlling and controlling the engine, are linked with each other. Then it looks then when tuning as well, which are stored by these maps four to eight pieces modified in memory and depending on how to create his driving behavior, then suitable to be retrieved. Such data are, for example, the intake air mass per unit time, the supercharging pressure of the turbocharger or the state of the temperature of the engine and the corresponding. Surroundings.

Mcchip DKR Nissan GT R Turbo Chiptuning 2 Chiptuning & Tuning Box what is it?

Which data or processors are used here is a crucial question. The calculation clock determined in this case must be exactly high, such as that of the main engine control unit, in order thereby to achieve an accurate rastering of the characteristic maps in the real-time state. However, this does not manipulate the protection features of the main ECUs.

From the control parameters and additionally specified information, the determination of the output parameters takes place. These include, for example, the injection time, the ignition point for each cylinder, the injection quantity. Most effective is such a chip tuning in turbocharged diesel engines in the four-stroke version. There are tuning specialists here who achieve a short-term performance increase of more than 40 percent above the serial data.

A so-called tuning box can also be used here. Such a box is connected upstream of the control unit. As a result, an additional increase in performance can be achieved within the specified engine parameters. The advantage here is that the control unit is not included and there is no risk of it being damaged. Ps. What actually happens if you add a tuning box to a vehicle that is already equipped with OBD chip tuning? We thought about it!

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