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The dynamometer and what should be considered!

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Dyno dynamometer dynamometer dynamometer dynamometer The dynamometer and what should be considered!

A good dynamometer plays a major role for many car lovers and tuning fans. Through the check, the exact series performance of your own vehicle can be determined and in the case of a performance increase of course the corresponding difference. When running on a dynamometer, all achievable torque speeds are measured quickly and easily. The performance of the vehicle can be calculated precisely from this.

Your own dynamometer!

Dynamometer Dynamometer Dyno Rotronics X4 Plus dynamometer The dynamometer and what should be considered!

Some tuners are equipped with their own dynamometer such as a Rotronics X4 Plus or a dynoKRAFT A200-4WD-ML. And with the SKN LPS, the tuner SKN has even built a test bench up to 1.470 kW (2.000 PS) that makes measurable 735 kW / 1.000 PS per axle possible. If you take the Rotronics X4 Plus as an example, then this, like the others mentioned, is considered to be one of the most precise and modern test stands on the market. It can be used individually for vehicles with all-wheel drive, rear-wheel or front-wheel drive, which is a particularly important criterion for a test bench.

In the area of ​​the dynamometer of the Rotronics X4 Plus, this property is even a unique selling point and a quality feature. Unfortunately, many tuners only have the opportunity to test their development on the road. This means that there is a risk for the customer vehicles and the Driver's license cannot be excluded. In order for chip tuning and other components to increase performance to be developed and checked in a comprehensible manner, a dynamometer is an important tool and, in our opinion, even mandatory!

Special services!

Dynamometer Dynamometer Dyno 3 dynamometer The dynamometer and what should be considered!

If you give your vehicle into the hands of a tuner, he can check the performance of the vehicle with a dynamometer if you wish. After a measurement, you will usually receive a detailed log that shows all the important information. A great advantage is that many tuners can already measure up to a power of approx. 1.000 hp. Usually that should be enough. If the test bench is up-to-date, always well maintained and from a well-known manufacturer, the measurement should be precise and reproducible at the same time. If you take the Rotronics X4 Plus as an example, the special vertical roll technology on this test stand is an advantage. With it, high tire temperatures and the associated tire wear are a thing of the past.

With a very powerful vehicle, this test bench can even be accelerated to up to 400 km / h. This gives the tuner the advantage that even very fast vehicles can be tested without problems in high gears and at V-Max. This is particularly useful if the maximum speed limit (V-max limit) has been removed in advance and you want to test whether the new software works. However, a fresh air blower must always ensure that the charge air, the transmission, the differential and the engine are adequately cooled. A fresh air blower is an absolute must for such a test and must be used. In the best case scenario, a good test bench is even set up in such a way that even formula vehicles and lowered sports cars can be measured precisely.

A safe measurement

A good test bench should always be equipped with a stable fastening system. This means that many vehicles can be fixed on the respective test bench without the use of tension belts. Safety is then just as guaranteed as in a test laboratory from one of the major vehicle manufacturers. A good fastening system is characterized by the fact that if there is a tow hook at the front or rear, the vehicles do not have to be lashed in the lower area. This increases the measurement accuracy. And the tires are only stressed during the measurement to the same extent as would be the case when driving on the road. So why a test bench? The test bench is required for a comprehensive analysis. It can be used to determine the extent to which the performance potential of a vehicle has been exhausted. The performance of a tuned vehicle can be effectively represented and compared by means of a before-after comparison.

The measurement system can be crucial!

For price reasons, some tuners use a measuring system that can be attached to the wheel hub, for example. This is an Insoric measuring system. With cheap systems, however, it is possible that the measurement data cannot be determined precisely enough. However, this is often due to incorrect entries or incorrect evaluations, and only rarely to the measuring system itself. At the same time, the test should always be used to move the car on the road at full throttle. It goes without saying that there is always a certain risk associated with high engine power. Often, therefore, a power measurement is only carried out up to third gear. So the vehicle doesn't get too fast. Accelerating the vehicle briefly in third gear can result in measurement errors. With regard to the boost pressure, the engine often does not have the time to build it up completely. Although the system is not completely bad, the measurement results are often useless for professional performance measurement and for precise coordination work.

Conclusion on the dynamometer!

A good dynamometer, especially one for all-wheel drive vehicles, is an important tool of a tuner, which is used every day. The instrument makes the development of performance improvements much easier and more effective. We hope that you the info report on the topic / term dynamometer (further names / keywords: performance measurement, dynamometer, dynamometer, dynamometer, dynamometer, dynamometer, vertex dynamometer, Dyno, Dynojet, dynamometer) from the field of autotuning. Our goal is that the largest German-language tuning dictionary (Tuning Wikipedia) and to explain tuning terms from A to Z easily and understandably. Almost every day we expand this lexicon and how far we are, you can HERE see. Soon the next one will be Tuning scene concept be illuminated by us. By the way, you will be informed about new topics if you have ours Feed subscribe to.

More information? In our article there is especially about the performance measurement process "The performance measurement: information and the process on the Dyno!"

In summary, what should you pay attention to and what is there?

  • there are, for example, +2000 hp dynamometers
  • an all-wheel dynamometer is recommended
  • Speeds of up to 400 km / h can be measured
  • Manufacturers are Maha, AHS, ASA, Insoric, Rotronics, Dynojet, MTL etc.
  • good Fresh or exhaust air systems are important (e.g. using a two-chamber air system) - fresh, unheated supply air from high-performance air turbines
    - if possible with individually adjustable turbines
    - if possible with individually adjustable turbines for charge air cooling
    - if possible with individually adjustable turbines for engine and underbody cooling
    - If possible with individually adjustable turbines for rear axle / differential cooling
  • a good test bench should enable realistic and material-friendly test conditions
  • Exhaust chamber system should ensure that the heated air is not directed back to the engine

How does a roller performance test bench work?


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