Saturday 15st May 2021

Explained! That makes a tuning box / Powerbox!

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How does it actually work when you install a small black BOX and connect it with a few cables, which then makes the car 30HP more? How do you explain how a modern tuning box works? For the layman it is just “plug it in, connect it, drive off”. It is of course not that simple, there is complex technology behind it! Ps. What actually happens if you add a tuning box to a vehicle that is already equipped with OBD chip tuning? We thought about it!

PowerBox tuningblog 2 300x300 Explained! That makes a tuning box / Powerbox!

  • Common tuning boxes / power boxes only increase the injection quantity
  • Start of injection and boost pressure remain unchanged (rare exceptions: pressure increase by detuning the so-called control loop)
  • when the effect increases, a critical area is reached quickly (result: exhaust gas temperatures rise, as well as strong soot development)
  • The engine control unit does not notice the additional power (the unit does not notice that more fuel is being supplied
  • nice side effect: reduced consumption with the same driving style
  • Emergency engine operation can be overridden (partially reduced)
  • Cheap boxes contain a resistor or a potentiometer that falsify the volume signal from the pump or the temperature signal from the diesel sensor
  • Better tuning boxes process the air mass, boost pressure and also the accelerator pedal position
  • A so-called “active” PD box even evaluates the activation of the PDEs by the engine control unit and thus receives information on the engine load and the speed
  • better boxes are based on microcontrollers (real-time calculation of the additional injection quantity with fast accelerator movements)

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