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Free car rating in just 2 minutes

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Express sales mobile tuning blog free car evaluation in just 2 minutes

Buying and selling on online platforms has become an integral part of new and used car sales. Until a few years ago it was common to advertise your car in the newspaper, today sales platforms are like that,, or the main medium for the car trade. And the form included here for the purchase of the car as well As a company behind the convenient option, we would now like to introduce you in more detail. For us it is probably the best known online platform for the purchase and sale of automobiles, motorcycles, caravans and accessories, which is available in the German-speaking countries. There are basically two types of sales, namely the Express sale, which works via purchase stations and the classic advertisement. This page is about the option of express sales! The approx. 400 purchase stations are distributed throughout Germany and thanks to a predetermined date, the seller of the automobile has no waiting time. The approximate market value is based on a superficial assessment within about 2 minutes free created. Of course, later there will also be an expert assessment on site, during which the vehicle will be put through its paces. This type of advertisement makes selling extremely easy.

What advantages does the express sale of

  • Express sales are a safe and fast way to sell your car.
  • The vehicle to be sold is expertly assessed.
  • You don't get annoying calls from prospective customers who see the car or want to arrange a test drive.
  • The unsubscribe service is free and is carried out by the buyer, and the money you earn for your car is quickly and easily transferred to your account.

Express selling mobile tuningblog6 free car rating in just 2 minutes

Disadvantage of express sales through

  • The price to be achieved for the vehicle can be lower than for a classic ad on

Express selling mobile tuningblog3 free car rating in just 2 minutes

In principle, all vehicles with a value between EUR 500 and EUR 30.000 are suitable for express sales via However, it is imperative that the vehicle to be sold is ready to drive and rolls independently into the yard of the buying station. Minor damage is not a problem, but in the event of a total write-off it is not possible to use the express sale option. It is also recommended that you reconsider this method in the event of engine and transmission damage. In this case, it makes more sense to use the variant via the conventional advertisement on Tip: Cars in trendy colors bring a lot more! All information is available HERE!

Express selling mobile tuningblog2 free car rating in just 2 minutes

If you do not sell your car to a man or woman in an express sale, then it has at least been expertly assessed and you have received a more precise valuation for future sales. It also shows you a possible increase in value. The neuralgic points with express sales are, however, that the car is sometimes sold below the estimated price, and especially in Germany it gets very emotional when it comes to car sales. The fact that the retailer's margin is not taken into account in express sales, as well as the fact that the convenience and service of express sales must be paid for with a low sales price. In the end you decide for yourself!

More than 2 millions of satisfied customers
Express selling mobile tuningblog5 free car rating in just 2 minutes

Express selling mobile tuningblog7 free car rating in just 2 minutes

On there is of course an overview of all purchase stations for express sales in Germany. Now you can get an idea of ​​the buying and selling methods at, and then decide for yourself whether you want to take advantage of this offer if you decide to buy or sell a car. Would you like to use the classic advertisement to sell the car? Then take a look at Det Müller's video. Here you will find the most important tips for selling.

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