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Delicious from the classic - the conversion to the field kitchen!

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Field kitchen goulash cannon field cooker Delicious from the classic conversion to field kitchen!

If you want to earn money with a field kitchen, you can either get one Pendant expand accordingly or a complete car (truck). If you would like to expand your vehicle into a field kitchen, the question naturally arises as to what model of a car / truck / van is appropriate. As a rule, simply because of the space required, a van or a smaller truck is the best choice. And the reason is simple. You need a lot of space and that's exactly what a conventional car offers, a small one Pickup or a Combo does not.

Installation with gas cooker very easy

Field kitchen goulash cannon field cooker 2 e1577424744163 Delicious from the classic conversion to the field kitchen!

If you don't want a trailer, but rather a car as a field kitchen, then of course it's about the conversion. The be-all and end-all when converting from a larger van to a field kitchen, you have to think about how it should be equipped. As a rule, a field kitchen consists of one or more large pots and various shelves. You can install these accordingly in a car. Since gas stoves are particularly suitable, installation is generally not associated with any major difficulties. So you can simply put the gas cooker on a designated shelf and basically you can almost start. In this context, depending on the length of the connection cable, one must of course check where to put the gas bottle for operation. If you decide on a table version, where you put the gas bottle down and the gas cooker on the top, then you have almost completed the installation.

the modern variant - also for civil use

Field kitchen goulash cannon field cooker 3 delicious from the classic conversion to field kitchen!

You can use wood for the frame or take a finished system from the market and adapt it to the vehicle accordingly. Only one thing is important in this context, namely the surface. Since cleanliness must be guaranteed at all times, stainless steel is a good choice for cladding the surfaces. If you choose stainless steel, you can easily clean it at any time if necessary. There may also be other hygiene requirements, such as the constant presence of water. Especially if you want to make food commercially for third parties, there are numerous requirements that you have to meet. Here you should get extensive information beforehand.

Note the extractor hood and other details

If you choose a conventional car when converting to a field kitchen, you have other requirements and problems. These are not available for a trailer. A large pickup is perfectly suitable for the conversion. The loading area can be modified extensively and equipped as desired. Nevertheless, the area remains relatively small and the effort is quite large. The steam during cooking is an example. In the case of a trailer, it can simply be pulled off in the open without having to take technical considerations into account. It looks very different in a field kitchen in a car. So that the steam does not collect in the car when cooking, an extractor hood must be taken into account if necessary. It may then be necessary to lay an electrical connection here. And to see something while cooking, you need light. Here you can either choose a battery solution or a permanent installation with connection to the vehicle electrical system. Due to the changes in the conversion, approval is required.

Conversion, used vehicle or trailer

Basically, almost any vehicle can be converted into a field kitchen. The decisive factor is always the area of ​​application and the requirements for later use. For example, if the vehicle is always in the same location permanently and no longer needs to be moved on public roads, the requirements regarding road approval are of course lower or nonexistent. However, if the vehicle is still to be moved on the road, all conversions must comply with the legal requirements and often become complex individual acceptance necessary. If you decide on a trailer that has already been converted, it can simply be coupled to the vehicle and basically you can start. If you take the variant as a truck, it is often already converted and approved, but the necessary driver's license must of course be available.

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Field kitchen goulash cannon field cooker 4 e1577424971382 Delicious from the classic conversion to the field kitchen!

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Tow truck recovery vehicle 3 310x165 Delicious from the classic conversion to field kitchen!

Central locking adapter - rare, but it does exist!

Central locking adapter center fastening 310x165 Delicious from the classic conversion to the field kitchen!

The cheap alternative - the central locking dummy!

Central lock dummy Centerlock e1577180887949 310x165 Delicious from the classic conversion to the field kitchen!

Safety Car - what part of the conversion!

2018 BMW M5 F90 MotoGP Safety Car Tuning 9 310x165 Delicious from the classic conversion to the field kitchen!

Not only mandatory in trucks - the tachograph / tachograph

Tachograph tachograph logbook 2 310x165 Delicious from the classic conversion to the field kitchen!

Hot thing - refuel the vehicle with nitromethane!

Nitromethane methanol fuel tuning 2 310x165 Delicious from the classic conversion to the field kitchen!

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