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Tip: rim cleaner - this is how it is used correctly!

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Chic rims are not only useful, but also very attractive, especially in the tuning scene. Unfortunately, the rims are extremely prone to Pollution of all kinds, for example weather-related dirt, salt or brake dust, which more or less ruins the look. So that the expensive rims are also permanently visually appealing, is one regular and good care and cleaning of the rims absolutely necessary. One way to do this is make special wheel cleaner How to use them correctly is explained by tuningblog in the following article.

Correct use of the wheel cleaner

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The most important is that Election a suitable cleaner. Absolutely no way you should use such cleaners that have a Acid content have, or cleaners that are actually used for cleaning Glass or the oven are provided. Through the acid Can the rim seriously damaged will. Although there are rims whose surface structure / paint / material can also withstand acidic rim cleaners according to the provider, their use is still not recommended. While an occasional cleaning is still bearable, that is permanent use the acidic wheel cleaner often a real problem. Especially at polished or chrome plated Rims. So better from the start do without it. After all, there are effective ones Alternativesthat to biodegradable are!

Use of the rim cleaner - this is how it works

As for the application itself, it is relative simple. Spray the cleaner over a large area on the corresponding rim and let the cleaner take effect first. The time required for this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer - the exact specifications can be found on the label. Usually 2-7 minutes. Some cleaners even have a so-called Action indicator / iron indicator that changes color. For example, if the rim is completely purple after a few minutes, the Rinse off to be started. Depending on the provider, the colors vary. Then rinse off the cleaner with clear water. This process should already remove a lot of dirt from the rim. You can remove larger residues with a Sponge, a brush or with a soft one cloth remove, whereby you can also clean the spaces between the rim.

If the rim is particularly heavily soiled, one can usually help Pressure Washer. It can also be useful first to roughly clean the rim with a high-pressure cleaner and dann to apply the rim cleaner. After appropriate exposure then again with the Pressure Washer clean the wheel. If there is still heavy soiling afterwards, repeat this process if necessary to repeat, until the rim is clean.

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At what point in time you clean your rims doesn't really matter, here it is no rule of thumb or similar. However, we recommend cleaning the rims at least and before and to the winter. A set of fancy aluminum should always be cleaned when the rims visible with brake dust are coated. Due to the design, this happens first on the Front. Will the rim regularly cleaned so particularly heavy deposits are avoided.

Different rims, different cleaners?

Most cleaners that you can buy in stores are made specifically for that Cleaning of aluminum rims designed because aluminum rims attract dirt particularly strongly and are also the most common built-in variant. With such a cleaner, however, you can also use a Steel rim by Pollution, rust and the like free. At chrome wheels Special care should be taken to use a cleanser that no acid as chrome rims are extremely sensitive. Is the cleaner acid-free, but you can usually do this without hesitation on the Chrome rim use. The same applies, of course, to rims more polished or high gloss compressed Surface and also for rims Carbon, magnesium & Co.

PS: There are also possibilities to use the rims with one home remedies to clean. Which, you can find out here.

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Summary information about the rim cleaner:

  • with conventional cleaners, garden hose, brush can already be a acceptable result be achieved
  • Rim cleaner delivers a better Result
  • Work with the rim cleaner less expensive
  • Active ingredients should be based on the different materials Voted are and fast and intensive Act (Cleaner must protect the material)
  • Dirt on the rims mostly consists of road dirt, grease, abrasion from rubber, metal, brake dust
  • Wheel cleaner should no acids and Alkalis include (or only in a compatible mixture to protect light metal rims, paints, rubber compounds, polycarbonates)
  • Wheel cleaner should pH above seven to have (normal conditions of use)
  • Spray bottle should have one safety lock have
  • Information about exposure and how to achieve a perfect cleaning result printed his (at best with active indicator - its ingredients react with the metal-containing dirt components and change the color)
  • Keywords on the topic: effect indicator, rim gel, rim gel, wheel cleaner, rim cleaner, iron indicator, rim cleaner, wheel cleaner)

Of course that had not happened yet!

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