Low-budget technology - the FM transmitter in the vehicle!

FM Transmitter Antenna Tuner DAB Installation Tuning

While the music from the smartphone or the MP3 playlist can often be played in the vehicle via Bluetooth or even with WLAN via hotspot in current car models, older car radios do not have this function. Most older models have - if you are lucky - just one jack connection. What options is there to still be able to play your own music if only an older car radio is available and this should remain installed?

FM transmitter "can" be the solution!

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With the so-called FM transmitters, every car radio can be connected to the smartphone - then your favorite music can easily be played. These FM transmitters act like small mobile radio stations. The music is first transferred from the smartphone to the connected transmitter via Bluetooth. This transmitter can then send the data to a certain VHF frequency like a small radio transmitter, but with an extremely low transmission power that only works inside the vehicle. If the car radio is then set to this frequency, your own music can be received in the vehicle via the radio. But there are a few things to consider here: the user should not select a frequency that another radio station uses in this frequency range. If this is the case, the various transmitters will overlap. Most current FM transmitters carry the music nearly noise-free and in normal quality, which is reasonably acceptable. However, a hi-fi sound can not be realized with these devices: too high are the losses in this technique of transmission.

Which frequency is the best?

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The correct frequency must be selected in such a way that, if possible, no radio station broadcasts on the frequency band in the vicinity, in order to reduce interference. In order to find the right frequency, the car radio can be set to one on which only noise can be heard when the transmitter is switched off. Unfortunately, finding a free area is often not easy, as there are many radio stations in some regions. Frequently, the 87,5 MHz frequency is easy to use because most transmitters only broadcast from the 87,7 MHz range and up. If you travel a lot, things can look different and suddenly a radio station is broadcasting on this frequency. radiohashtag + or Radio Nürburgring are such candidates. In addition, it may be necessary to change the frequency several times while driving in order to prevent overlapping in another region - this can be a bit of a nuisance if you are on the road a lot.

Different variants possible

The different transmitters offer different options. Either the music can be transferred from the mobile phone via Bluetooth, or a USB stick or SD card with an MP3 playlist can be connected to the transmitter itself. The devices are usually supplied with power from the cigarette lighter. Overall, this possibility of listening to music is a sensible alternative - but with a loss of quality. Also can theoretically someone in the car next door listening to their own music program also when the transmitter has a slightly stronger transmission power. Discretion and privacy are therefore not necessarily given with this technology. When listening to music this may not be that bad, but you use the transmitter as a Hands-free function Of course it is a big disadvantage if others hear the conversation.

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