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Right power desired - then with displacement tuning!

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2018 Dodge Viper Engine Tuning Correctly Power desired then with Hubtuning!
Dodge Viper SRT engine with 8,4 liters displacement and 649 PS & 814 NM

When Hubtunzuning the capacity is increased for more power. Since it is decisive for the horsepower number, the effect can be very large. By enlarging the cylinder, it can burn more fuel, increasing power per cycle. The torque also improves noticeably. Both factors - power and torque - do not increase linearly. In order to maintain efficiency, flanking measures should be carried out in parallel with the displacement tuning. To name would be an equivalent speed level and the filling improvement. The possible performance gain through a displacement tuning can be with the following rule of thumb estimate: Performance gain = liter output of the output engine x 0,8 x additional cubic capacity in liters (1.000 cm³). Of course, the factor 0,8 fluctuates between individual motors, it is one gross Guide.

There is no substitute for displacement, except for more displacement?

G POWER M3 GT2 S Ultimate Engine Expansion True Power Wanted then with Engine Tuning!
The G-POWER BMW M3 GT2 S ultimate extends the displacement to 4,6 liters

Possibilities of displacement tuning

A common variant is the extension of the cylinder bore (so-called boring), but that does not work on every engine. Light metal housings can not be drilled, in them the pistons run on an aluminum-silicon alloy. However, if cast iron bushings have shrunk into these housings, drilling may be possible depending on the wall thickness of the bushes. Unproblematic is the boring with gray cast iron blocks. Of course, every boring must be connected with a suitable seal, which also creates limits of the procedure. But even larger cylinders with correspondingly larger pistons can be installed as a substitute.

Hubraumweiterung Drilling Piston Tuning Correctly Power desired then with Hubtuning!

But when drilled, belongs to the larger displacement now also a larger piston, the special companies offer as a special order. Another method of displacement tuning is the enlargement of the stroke by a modified crankshaft, which is technically relatively complicated. Third, a longer stroke and boring can be combined. The industry is also in the modification of their engines on longer crankshafts, such as the VW Beetle 1,2 l, which was by an enlarged hub for 1,3 liter or 1,6 liter model. BMW and other manufacturers go this way.

Hubraumweiterung Drilling crankshaft Tuning Correctly Power desired then with Hubtuning!

What is to be considered in Hubraumtuning?

Displacement Tuning - especially the variant of the extended piston stroke - leads to higher wear by increasing the average piston speed and by further friction and inertial forces. The engine could also run rough. The piston extension is therefore more suitable for short-stroke engines; only critical piston speeds may not occur. Important to know: There are always private hobbyists who would like to give their engine a little more power in this way, but they could only significantly increase wear and tear without much gain in performance. Therefore, displacement tuning, which must be carried out individually for each engine, is a matter for the specialist workshop. PS. In some cases there is also a reduction in displacement. You can read everything about it here!

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4 2018 310 165 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX Correct Power desired then with Hubtuning!

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McLaren 570S Weistec Engineering Tuning 2018 W.3 Turbo 6 310x165 Right Power desired then with Hubtuning!

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Underbody lighting allows tuning 310x165 Right power then desired with displacement tuning!

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