What is a so-called interior swap?

Interior Swap Interior Swap Interior Swap Exchange

From the Engine Swap or the LS swap we hear again and again in the tuning scene. The English word "swap" means nothing else in German than "Tauch" and the rest should be self-explanatory. So you take the standard motor and replace it with one other engine. In the tuning industry, of course, this means replacing the motor with one other type. Usually, of course, with more power. Of course, only a General Motors engine can be used for the LS swap. You could then continue with the topic E-swap etc. But today we would like to address the Interior swap deal with.

Interior swap

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The interior swap also explains what is involved, if only because of our engine swap explanation given at the beginning. Man trades the standard interior of the vehicle against one other out. But here too, especially in the tuning scene, it's about creating an interior of a other vehicle type and not just swapping a worn out cockpit for a well-preserved one. In principle, the swap (exchange) has already been carried out if, for example, you install the seats from a VW Golf 6 in a VW Golf 5. However, a "correct" Interior swap only really cool when not only the seats, but also that dashboard, the backseat, the center consolethe headliner and the door panels were exchanged. At best, actually " “ Components are removed from the old interior and the new one from the foreign vehicle is closed 100 % integrated.

Accuracy & electronics!

Such an extensive one interior swap is no less complicated in terms of effort than replacing the engine. Because usually works in this case too nothing Plug and play. An extremely successful example is this '92 Camaro with the interior of a Corvette C8. The vehicle is a good 30 years old, but has almost everything in the cabin components of the brand new mid-engined Vette. And of course such a conversion is only really good if it is is working. That means the Lighting, the Show in the dashboard, an eventual one infotainment or what ever, have, work and to the vehicle customized .

Oil lamp Oil lamp control lamp

And in addition to the complete cabling, the interior swap also has to include the Ergonomics be respected. What's the use if the new dashboard is installed, the Switch for the light or the radio are far enough away that they can be seen from the seat cannot be reached? And especially when the correct function of the airbags, the belt tensioners etc. become an issue, then such a project often fails. For exactly these reasons you should always IN ADVANCE clarify exactly what is desired and whether the wishes can be implemented. In addition to the skills of oneself or the commissioned workshop, we see here in particular the Testing organizations as a point of contact.

Mercedes Benz patent airbag 8

Although it is likely with regard to about the Airbags It is less of a problem to equip an old vehicle, such as the Camaro linked above, which was not equipped with airbags ex works, with a modern interior, but it should be a vehicle with airbags on a Interior without an airbag be converted, then this is almost impossible. And in addition to the airbag in the steering wheel, there are many more in the cabin. And that was just an example safety-related components. Previously existing safety-relevant components must still be installed afterwards function. At least if the vehicle is to be legally on the road in this country and not Trailer Queen at a hunt.

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