In the trend -multiple possibilities of vehicle wrapping

The look of a vehicle is one of the most important components for many owners. There are many ways to change the appearance of a car, but the most striking change is the color design. In addition to the painting of a car here in particular offers the possibility of Folierens. A foiling has the great advantage that it can be easily undone by removing it. In addition, there are now many different ways in which way you can foil the car.

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Foiling protects the paint underneath and can be easily removed

Variants of foliation

When foiling a car, the whole or a selected part of the body is provided with specially produced adhesive films. Here is between a Vollfolierung, in which the entire body is provided with the foil, and a Teilfolierung, in which only individual areas or body parts are foiled, distinguished.

Protection foiling

Also with the films there are differences. So there are films that are intended only for the protection of the paint. For particularly complex airbrushes or endangered coatings, for example, offers the foil with a paint protection film. This is transparent and protects the paint from direct sunlight and other external influences. If you want to protect your paint from scratches, bumps or stone chips, you should think about the foiling with a rockfall protection film. This is thicker than a paint protection film, and therefore more robust.

Apply a protective film / paint protection film

Design foiling

However, a large part of the foils should also visually change something. There are hardly any limits to the creative spirit here. The variety of foils makes it possible to give the car a matt, glossy, colored, patterned or transparent appearance as desired. Such foliations are particularly popular with tuning friends, because so you can change its appearance completely according to his wishes, and you can undo it without much effort. Thanks to the technology of digital printing, it is possible in particularly unusual and elaborate designs to make the foiling on the computer and then have them printed in the desired design.

The foiling therefore offers a good alternative to painting for the protection and individualization of the car paint. The big advantage of foliations is that you can always remove them without much effort. In addition, thanks to digital printing, there are virtually no limits to creativity. The cost of vehicle wrapping is highly dependent on several factors. The calculation depends, among other things, on the type of foil, the vehicle, the size of the foil and the effort of the design. If you are thinking about a foliation, folate workshops usually help with a quote!

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