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Silentium - electronic noise canceling for the car!

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electronic noise canceling ANC Silentium Tuning Silentium electronic noise canceling for the car!

There is current news from the company from Israel Silentium. The manufacturer is now offering the so-called "electronic noise canceling“Also for the car. The process suppresses up to 90 percent of road noise in the vehicle. However, no heavy and expensive insulation material is required for this. Instead, Silentium relies on state-of-the-art software. In combination with up to 6 vibration sensors on the chassis, the noises from traffic and the road are sent to a control unit. The module has installed the so-called "Active Acoustics" software from Silentium and eliminates the noises with anti-noise (opposite polarity signal). So sound and anti-sound are eliminated. To understand the system, one has to look at Silentium's electronic noise canceling in detail.

Electronics calculate vibration waves

Ac2ated Sound Ambeo 3D Continental Sennheiser 2 Silentium electronic noise canceling for the car!

The built-in on-board electronics calculate the vibration waves of the unwanted outside noise. The system compensates for these noises in such a way that they are canceled for the human ear of the vehicle occupants. The system works with a frequency range between 20 Hertz and one kilohertz. This makes it possible to cancel up to 90 percent of the background noise. In principle, it can be compared with the already known system in high-quality headphones. So the technology works like the noise cancellation on headphones. However, a lot more demanding. Because there are several occupants and of course a lot more air to be taken into account.

But the noise canceling system will soon be in use, according to Silentium. In vehicles of the Jaguar Land Rover brand. Three models will probably soon receive the new technology. And it is already said that other manufacturers want to join. Why? Many manufacturers are looking for a way to do without expensive and heavy soundproofing in vehicles in the course of e-mobility. Of course, electronic noise canceling comes in handy.

Bose RNS-Road Noise Control

Bose RNS Road Noise Control Silentium electronic noise canceling for the car!

A very similar system was presented by the manufacturer Bose in 2019. Known as RNC. So not Active Noise Cancellation, but Bose christened the system of whisper technology for the car Road Noise Control. The idea behind it is basically the same. And Bose has been working on engine noise suppression since 2010. Back then as Engine Harmonic Cancellation, or EHC for short. The Bose RNC goes one step further. It should even suppress the rolling noise of the car wheels inside. Here, too, the implementation is technically much more demanding than with headphones. But here too it basically works on the same principle. Microphones measure the sound inside and then a counter-sound is generated. It is played through the speakers in the car. And optional acceleration sensors should even detect possible vibrations in the body. They too generate noises which, from a certain level, can also be eliminated using anti-noise.

RNC or ANC for retrofitting?

Neither the manufacturer Bose nor Silentium currently provide information on the possibility of retrofitting in used vehicles. In principle, however, this should be possible. A sound system is available in almost every vehicle or can simply be retrofitted and installing the vibration sensors in the right positions shouldn't be a problem either. The control unit takes care of the rest. For us a conceivable scenario. At the moment this is still a long way off, but certainly not impossible in the distant future.

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Bose RNS Road Noise Control 3 Silentium electronic noise canceling for the car!

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