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Oil Loss Stop - What Does the Miracle Drug Really Do?

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Oil Loss Auto Motoroel Repair Costs e1607588829709 Oil Loss Stop What does the miracle cure really bring?

Leaking engines can fatal consequences für die Environment have, as the leaking engine oil for a Damage to the groundwater can worry. It doesn't take much for this, by the way, a small amount of oil is enough to cause great damage and several hundred thousand liters Contaminate water. And if an engine big amount of loses oil, it can mean that the General inspection and failed applies and the TÜV badge is not handed over. However, some manufacturers allegedly have a solution on offer that the Possible Cause to eliminate the problem: Brittle or shrunk seals.

Effect after 600 to 800 kilometers

Oil Loss Stop Gear Oil Hydraulic Oil Engine Sealant Oil Loss Stop What does the miracle cure really bring?

The product is called Oil Loss Stop (Designation varies depending on the provider). The product is usually delivered in a Metal can with 300 to 500 milliliters of content that is suitable for 5-7 liters of engine oil should be enough. So a can should also for a big one V8 or V12 function. It does not matter, when to add the product to the oil, however, you must after that Your engine Warm up. According to most providers, you can get an effect after about 600 to 1.000 kilometers hope. Most agents contain the active ingredient "Dibutyl maleate“Which with such means Standard is. This is declared more precisely in the technical data sheet of the manufacturer mostly can not be . The product also contains ingredients that thicken the engine oil as soon as it is at operating temperature. Here one also speaks of so-called Viscosity index improvers. These should help to prevent leaks.

Not a miracle cure for severe defects!

oil pan defective crack oil loss stop what does the miracle cure really bring?

Through the product, the brittle or shrunken seals again swell up and thus a leak counteract. Worn Simmerrings or Cylinder head gaskets, which burned out are, can with the help of the remedy can not be remedy. If you listen to the reviews published on the net, the means seem to be quite effective for minor leaks in the oil pan. It is definitely worth a try, because at around 10-20 euros the product is not exactly expensive. And if that might result in an expensive one Repair can be avoided - why not?

Where can the OIL LOSS STOP be used?

As a rule, the funds can be in all commercially available engine oils in Petrol- and diesel engines be applied. It doesn't matter whether the engine is with or without one diesel particulate Filter (DPF) is equipped. There is an OIL LOSS STOP from a well-known manufacturer Turbo- and Cat-Tested. Only in the field of motorcycles (with wet clutch) should before applying to suitability be respected. By the way, there are corresponding funds for almost all systems that work with oil. Meaning there is a remedy for the loss of transmission oil, hydraulic oil or also for that Power steering oil. The designation is then usually corresponding to "Power steering oil loss stop, transmission oil loss stop"Etc.

Oil lamp Oil warning light Oil loss Engine Oil loss Stop What does the miracle cure really bring?

Features of the OIL LOSS STOP:

  • regenerates engine seals made of rubber / plastic (shaft seals, valve stem seals)
  • prevents oil stains under the vehicle
  • counteracts oil thinning
  • reduces engine noise
  • reduces oil consumption via piston rings / valve guides
  • lasting success with regular use (approx. every 30.000 km)

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Burnout Instructions Cavalier Start Oil Loss Stop What is the real benefit of the wonder drug?

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