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Tire change with tire pressure monitoring system - you should pay attention to this

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Tire change with tire pressure monitoring system - you should pay attention to this!

The EU has been registering for new cars since November 1, 2014 Tire Pressure Monitoring System before what the tire change more expensive and more complicated for many drivers. In addition, it has been the case since 2018 that a vehicle with a deactivated TPMS, for example due to an accessory wheel set, no longer receives a TÜV sticker. A non-functional TPMS has been considered a "significant defect" since 2018.

What is the TPMS all about?

TPMS stands for tire pressure control system and has been for all new registrations since November 2014 mandatory. The system is also available from many suppliers for retrofitting. All information on this topic is available here. With the TPMS there is a direct and indirect TPMS differentiated. If the vehicle is equipped with a direct system, additional costs of 50 to 100 euros can quickly arise when changing tires. That's because the sensors waited, trained and wearing parts replaced Need to become.

Tire change with tire pressure monitoring system - you should pay attention to this!

How the systems work and what needs to be considered when changing tires!

Indirect TPMS:

  • When a tire loses air, so does its decrease Rolling circumference and he turns faster. The indirect tire pressure control system recognizes this via the ABS / ESP sensors and reports it to the driver via a indicator light and / or one warning. The indirect TPMS can, however not recognize on which wheel there is a pressure loss and only works when the vehicle is rolling. Since no additional sensors are installed, this also occurs when changing tires No other costs.

Direct TPMS:

  • The direct tire pressure monitoring system measures the exact tire pressure via additional sensors on the valves and transmits it by radio to the on-board electronics. The driver can then call up the tire pressure in the on-board computer, which makes the system much more convenient, but also thanks to the additional technology expensive makes. Basically, the sensors can change from summer to winter tires taken away but it will always be a Service kit with new rubber seals and valves needed. It is therefore advisable to use every wheel set with their own sensors equip. Since the sensors have to be serviced every time a wheel is changed and replaced in the event of a defect, arise additional costs.

That is with wheel change to be observed with TPMS

Is the vehicle with a indirect TPMS equipped, the system must after changing a wheel or tire can only be relearned once. This usually happens with a few clicks in the vehicle menu; if there are any doubts or ambiguities, the operating instructions will help.

For vehicles with a direct TPMS should be a Specialist workshop be sought out. The additional sensors must waited and functionality geprüft become. In addition, special care must be taken during assembly so as not to damage the expensive sensors.

Which vehicles must be equipped with TPMS?

For all new cars with first registration from November 1, 2014 and models with Type approval from November 1, 2012 is a TPMS mandatory. Whether or not your own vehicle is affected by this regulation can be easily determined vehicle registration remove. Under Point 1 in the vehicle registration document is the date of Year listed, the type approval under Point 6. If a date after November 1, 2012 is entered here, you should inquire with the manufacturer whether your vehicle is subject to the TPMS obligation. It is also possible that it is just a supplement that does not affect the TPMS.

Tire change with tire pressure monitoring system - you should pay attention to this!

Defective TPMS? No TÜV!

If your vehicle is already subject to the TPMS obligation, the system must also be properly carried out function. If this is not the case, the Main inspection no more badge. Since May 2018, a deactivated or defective TPMS is considered to be "considerable lack".

What should you watch out for when using the TPMS?

  1. Check which system is installed in your vehicle. If the tire pressure can be called up exactly via the on-board computer, it is a question of a direct Tire pressure control system. Information about the built-in TPMS can also be found in the manual.
  2. If your vehicle has a direct TPMS installed, you should inform the workshop beforehand when changing wheels and tires. The maintenance of the system requires additional time.
  3. Is on your vehicle indirect TPMS available, the tire pressure monitoring system must be used after a wheel or tire change newly learned become. How this works can be found in the operating instructions.
  4. A battery change in the sensors of a direct TPMS is not possible. Usually, however, they hold four to six yearswhich roughly corresponds to the average lifespan of a tire. If the battery is empty, the sensors must exchanged .

Tire change with tire pressure monitoring system - you should pay attention to this!

The reason for the TPMS obligation

Even if the tire pressure is recommended 14 days zu check, only very few motorists adhere to it. A tire pressure too low however, has numerous negative impacts on the driving behavior and safety of a vehicle. Braking distances are longer, driving safety in curves and in wet conditions is impaired. In addition, the rolling resistance increases due to reduced pressure, which leads to a higher fuel consumption and increased tire wear. In order to counteract these points, the EU has introduced the TPMS obligation.

Attention: The correct tire pressure is of great importance for safety, which is why you should check it regularly despite the TPMS. Not least to save fuel.

Tire change with tire pressure monitoring system - you should pay attention to this!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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Tire change with tire pressure monitoring system - you should pay attention to this!

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Tire change with tire pressure monitoring system - you should pay attention to this!

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Tire change with tire pressure monitoring system - you should pay attention to this!

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