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Restomod 1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monza 6

How do you tell what Restomod means!

Restomod means: The Restomod is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of collector cars. As a counterpoint to the faithfully restored old-timer, Restomod's mixes old and new technologies to the best of both worlds, combining classic design with modern comfort, performance and reliability. The palette ranges from huge, retro-style wheels to Singer's handmade Porsche. Enthusiasts can enjoy their restomods not only visually, but also stylish and above all drive with performance.

There are also ElectromodsPro touring vehicles

Good reasons for restomods: It's one thing to look at a classic car and enjoy its design, but driving one is quite another. Floating suspensions, drum brakes, and tactile “fingertip” steering made the cars of the 50s and 60s downright scary to drive around town. Even a Duesenberg looks unattractive considering that it didn't have power steering or good brakes. Restomodding solves these problems.

Restomod Patina 1966 Chevy C10 Forgiato V8 Tuning 8

Restomod or Hot Rod?

The history of adapting newer parts to older cars is almost as old as that of automobiles: just look at the classic Chevy Small Block, Ford 9-inch Tail, and Mustang II Combo that have become so popular with classic hot rods. Instead of patching production parts together, Restomods go a step further and use new parts that are designed to fit in the appropriate vehicle locations. In this way, the client can provide a modern service, but also restore the vehicle to its original condition by retrofitting the original parts. What started with a few niche products like air conditioning kits and digital measuring devices has developed into an aftermarket industry that supplies parts that make classics really useful as everyday vehicles and for long journeys.

different term, different principle: remastered vehicles

Crazy Caterpillar Hot Rod video

Although the most spectacular restomods only share the bodywork with the original, the modifications made by most enthusiasts focus on a few critical components. OverdriveTransmissions - Newer transmissions shift more smoothly and have more gears, but their biggest advantage is their overdrive gear. These enable low engine speeds on the motorway, which improves fuel consumption while reducing noise and engine wear. Disc Brakes - Like a new gearbox, a new set of brakes offers numerous small improvements that are overshadowed by one major benefit: the moisture-resistant performance of disc brakes compared to drum brakes.

Jaguar XJ6 Nicko McBrain Classic Tuning Restomod 11

Suspension - Although fully threaded independent suspension is not achievable for most cars, small improvements like polyurethane bushings, stronger A-arms, and Panhard brackets not only help when cornering, but also keep the car straight at full throttle. Entertainment - Vintage-style main units have long been an element in many restorations. But the ubiquity of media players and smartphones means that audio options can be expanded by adding a hidden input plug. Wheels and Tires - Switching to larger wheels enables modern high-performance tires to be fitted.

1957 Restomod Chevrolet Bel Air HRE Performance S209 Rims Tuning 28

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