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Headlight cleaning system defective? Do you have to pay attention to this?

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Today's vehicles, which over modern XENON or LED headlights must have a Headlight washers, SRA for short. The point behind these SRA systems is that the light gets an unfavorable scattering and refraction through impurities on the headlight and thus a dangerous one Dazzle oncoming motorists may exist. When and how a vehicle's headlight cleaning system is activated can be found in the vehicle's operating instructions. Most of the time, however, this happens when the windscreen washer system is operated with the dipped headlights switched on. So the headlights are cleaned at the same time. Like all technical things in a vehicle, it can of course also affect the headlight cleaning system malfunction come. Which most common Causes are responsible for it and with which Costs must be expected in the event of a repair, can be found here in the further text.

First signs of a defect!

headlights adjust light headlight cleaning system defective? Do you have to pay attention to that?

The first symptoms of a defective headlight cleaning system are usually a dirty headlights perceive. When trying to clean it with the SRA, there is usually no success. Other first signs can be:

  • The SRA washer nozzles no longer extend despite being actuated
  • The SRA can no longer be activated at all
  • Possible error message in the on-board computer

What are the possible causes of a defective headlight cleaning system?

If you have come to the decision that the SRA no longer works or no longer works properly, then it applies to Cause to research. It is necessary to determine whether the fault is to be searched for and rectified electrically or mechanically. Most of the causes of an SRA failure can be found for the following reasons:

  • there is no more water in the system
  • The fuse of the SRA has blown or an electrical supply line or the ground have a problem
  • The pump for the washing water of the SRA is defective or has failed
  • One or more of the SRA nozzles are clogged with dirt
  • The washing water supply to the SRA is defective or leaking

Headlight cleaning system - just a technical gimmick?

Anyone who thinks that a failure or defect in the SRA is just an expensive and annoying evil should know that a failure of this system in one vehicle may be the next General inspection influenced. Because in cars where an SRA is required by law, a defect in the SRA is one significant deficiency and thus ensures that the main inspection as failed applies! However, the SRA became retrofitted or is not required by law due to the type of headlight, this will also be done during the main inspection can not be observed by the test engineer.

TUeV general inspection inspection HU AU headlight cleaning system defective? Do you have to pay attention to that?

Defect in the headlight cleaning system - what costs can this result?

The cost of a defective SRA depends, of course, on the Cause of failure. A blown fuse, for example, can be replaced quickly and easily. In this case, with prior diagnosis and troubleshooting, including replacement of the fuse, the costs are usually less than 30 euros. However, if the cause of the failure of the SRA is a defective washing water pump, it is possible to replace the pump individually, but the material costs in this case are between EUR 20 and EUR 80, depending on the vehicle. To change the pump, the wheel arch trim usually has to be removed. Together with the hourly wage for changing the pump, come quickly total cost between 80 EUR and 200 EUR together.

If the defect is in the Washing water pipe the front bumper may also have to be dismantled, what to further labor costs leads. Since a defective line can rarely be repaired professionally, it is usually a Replacement of the line necessary. The material costs are on average between 40 EUR and 300 EUR. With wages this repair can then amount to up to 500EUR. A defective washing nozzle or a faulty lifting cylinder of a nozzle is worth between 20 and 40 euros. Some high-quality cars can even devour up to 150 EUR here. A repair in the workshop with labor costs would be between 120 EUR and 300 EUR.

Headlight cleaning system - the information:

  • the SRA is for smooth polycarbonate lamps to remove even the smallest dirt deposits
  • Glare in traffic should be avoided
  • SRA cleans the headlight housings with high pressure water
  • SRA consists of Time control device (is usually controlled together with the windscreen wipers via the switch on the steering wheel when the lights are activated), Management from the time control device, water tank, water or Cleaning and Antifreeze, Motor pump, Central valve, jet on the headlight
  • Defect often due to:
    - Pump no longer works
    - Nozzles clogged
    - The hose has a leak
  • Detect defective pump:
    - Switch on the SRA, hear whether the pump is running
    - a whirring noise usually means that the pump is working
    - no sound? Then check the voltage at the pump. If voltage is present, the pump has an internal defect
    - The pump should then be replaced
    - Buy original components if possible
    - Connect the pump correctly
  • Check the backup of the SRA:
    - no voltage at the pump? Maybe the cable ailing or the fuse is defective
    - Cable by means of Visual inspection check
    - Look for the fuse for the headlight pump / SRA in the on-board manual
    - Check for voltage with a multimeter
    - replace defective fuse

  • To clean clogged nozzles:
    - Dirt or limescale can damage the nozzles clog
    - Cleaning with a few drops Lime cleaner (can take a few days)
    - to protect the material, just Treat affected components with the cleaner
    - Check the hose for leaks
  • Frost protection for the SRA:
    - if the parts are iced up, it helps something more antifreeze admit it
    - Try again and again until the SRA is running again
    - Alternatively, place the vehicle in a warm place

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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