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With this agent you can remove the spray film without leaving any residue!

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RacerDip spray film test report Experiences 1 With this agent you can remove spray film without residue!

You are happy with your rims because you did some time ago made the aluminum stylish with spray film? However, it was all a while ago, and you really liked it, don't you feel like the bikes anymore? After a certain time it is often the case that you want a new color or a different design. Then treat yourself variety! You cannot just put the new slide on the old slide spray on. It won't work! It is always advisable the old slide to be removed so that you get a good result again. So left here right away how to perfectly remove the old spray film. In the following we provide you with a means Removal the spray film and also have instructions in the form of tutorial videos. Many try the spray film first with the hand deduct. So it will eventually advertised! That works in general also. However, residues always stick, the thinner the film. And also the different ones Trader make the difference here! That's why you need a solution if residues remain.

Keep your nerves when removing

Spray film remover Spray film remover Film remover With this agent you can remove spray film without residue!

It is not effective if you try the leftovers scrape off, that often scratches the rim and can take an eternity. There is a so-called one for that Spray film remover from several suppliers, of the remaining pieces of the car or the rim gentle away. Of large areas like one bonnet removing the spray film is still right just. For one rim but that's a completely different task. Especially a rim with many thin spokes. It's no fun having to pull off every little scrap one by one. So it's best to use a spray film remover. Then it also works with the nerve-saving!

various spray film removers in the test

A spray film that has existed for years often causes problems with yours tough Surface. At some point it is so tough that it can no longer be gotten off, even with reasonable means. So if you want to change the coating from time to time, then only use spray film from well-known manufacturers. These include, in addition to others, in particular the manufacturer Foliatec, Plasti-Dip or Mibenco. If you like to use a brand, have your own Film remover then you are at, for example Foliatec and Plasti-Dip just right. The Foliatec remover can of course also for other brands be used!

One can Film remover is filled with approx. 400 to 500 ml and has a reasonable price of under 10 Euro. A lot can be achieved with such a can. Of course, it depends on which area you want to work on, but with an amount of 400 to 500 ml you can get quite a long way. The areas are simply treated with the agent for a few minutes according to the instructions and the film will peel off. Most of the time, the affected areas are only with the Spray foil remover sprayed, then you wait 1-2 minutes, and then the remaining spray film is simply removed with a cloth or a high-pressure cleaner. This works out particularly uncomplicated with the mentioned Pressure Washer. In this way, you can get even larger areas free again, especially angled rims, and you can get started straight away new slide Apply to the surfaces.

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Of course that had not happened yet!

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