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Lots of glitter on the vehicle with real Swarovski stones!

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Swarovski Lamborghini Aventador SV Daria Radionov Tuning Lots of glitter on the vehicle with real Swarovski stones!

If you want to see your car sparkling particularly brightly, you might consider finishing it with sparkling Swarovski stones. These stones are not real diamonds, but look deceptively similar to the layperson. The stones are manufactured by several companies such as the Swarovski company of the same name from Austria. In contrast to real diamonds, which are high-quality and acidic gemstones, Swarovski crystals are made of glass. The Swarovski stones, on the other hand, are made from quartz sand. Then they are ground and polished. The cut is crucial for the glass stones to sparkle in many facets because light is refracted.

Properties correspond to those of glass

Swarovski stones tuning 1 A lot of glitter on the vehicle with real Swarovski stones!

Compared to the hardness of a real diamond, the glass stones from Swarovski can of course not keep up. For this reason, they splinter and scratch very quickly, whereas a diamond continues to shine. In addition, the glass stones do not reflect the natural rainbow effect of diamonds. However, the stones are a nice option if something with little capital is to be made to sparkle. This applies both to costume jewelry and to the visual design of cars.

Swarovski decoration inside the vehicle

Swarovski stones tuning shift knob 1 A lot of glitter on the vehicle with real Swarovski stones!

Swarovski stones can be used inside or outside to create glitter effects on the vehicle. And such tuning on the outside of the body is even permitted in some countries around the world. Regarding the cabin, it can almost always be used without any legal concerns. In the interior, for example, the dashboards and the console are appropriately occupied with small or larger stones. The rear view mirror or areas of the glove compartment can also be decorated with the stones, for example. The stones are applied using a special adhesive. In this way, many stones can easily be glued inside on the cladding, on the door inserts or in various storage compartments. Of course, the glue should not be water-soluble, so cleaning is also easy. Sharp cleaners should not be used as they could damage the glass stones.

Swarovski tuning in the outdoor area

If desired, the entire vehicle can be filled with the small stones on the outside of the vehicle. The stones are glued directly onto the vehicle over a large area. This is also possible in the colors silver or gold. In general, there are Swarovski stones in countless colored variants. And the positions where the stones can be glued on are extremely diverse. That is what makes this type of tuning so popular. Because by no means does the entire body have to be covered with sparkling stones, but you can create a cool effect with small accents, for example on the rim covers, the valve caps, on the vehicle emblem or on the exterior mirrors. The glue with which the many stones are attached, however, must be waterproof and heat-resistant. And for cleaning, a vehicle finished with Swarovski stones should not be driven into the mechanical car wash and a high-pressure cleaner is also not a good idea. The refined components with the stones should only be cleaned by hand with water and a soft cloth. Chemical additives should not be used during cleaning, otherwise the stones could be damaged.

Conclusion on tuning with Swarovski stones

If you use the small stones skillfully, in our opinion they are a good way to stage a vehicle. In the interior, for example, a gear knob finished with Swarovski stones can be a real eye-catcher. But if you refine significantly larger areas with it, it quickly becomes kitsch, can blind and also seems inappropriate. The same applies to the body. Of course, a vehicle completely covered with Swarovski stones is an eye-catcher for the first moment, but the vehicle is not really usable in everyday life. Again, in our opinion, small accents such as on the valve caps or on the emblem at the front and rear are a much better way of staging the car. And of course you should also consider the legal side. A vehicle completely covered with Swarovski stones is simply not permitted. It is very similar to one Chrome foil. The reflective surface of the stones breaks the light very strongly and can strongly blind. This effect can of course disturb other road users. A relevant traffic hazard cannot therefore be excluded. So the sticker can approval go out.

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Swarovski stones tuning 2 A lot of glitter on the vehicle with real Swarovski stones!

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