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Eye-catcher: What are retractable / invisible valves?

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invisible hidden valves angle valve tuning eye-catcher: what are retractable / invisible valves?

Retractable Valves are not only available for bicycles, but can also be purchased for aluminum and steel rims. The articles are made of robust metal materials and can also be purchased in TÜV-tested versions. What the valves are all about and what advantages the articles have over conventional valves is explained in more detail below.

Invisible valves offer many advantages

invisible hidden valves angle valve tuning 2 eye-catchers: what are retractable / invisible valves?

Retractable, invisible or concealable valves are all names for valve variants that have a special design and should not be immediately visible on the rim. The hidden valves are available in many designs and can be purchased from various companies that also sell their valves as protected branded products. The articles are often made of metal and are available for both aluminum rims and steel rims. In many vehicles, the conventional valves are visible on the rims and get dirty very quickly. Furthermore, they can be sabotaged and, depending on the type of valve, quickly lead to a loss of pressure. Specially built valves, which are used, for example, as hidden safety valves, are available in TÜV-tested versions and protect against contamination and sabotage. Furthermore, depending on the design, they can avoid rapid pressure loss. Another advantage is the look of the article. Retractable valves are available in a matching rim look. The articles can be visually adapted to the rim and are virtually invisible.

Hidden Safety Valves - Branded Products

invisible hidden valves angle valve tuning 3 eye-catchers: what are retractable / invisible valves?

Protected branded products offer an example of hidden TÜV-tested safety valves. The protected branded products impress with their elegant appearance and are designed to protect against pressure loss. Furthermore, as is known from hidden valves in other areas (e.g. bicycles), the articles are intended to prevent contamination and possible sabotage as best as possible. In addition, they should not interrupt the harmonious lines of the rims.

What to look for when buying an invisible valve?

The valves are advertised as retractable, invisible or concealable valves in specialist shops and online. When buying, you should pay attention to TÜV-tested items that have a sufficient scope of delivery and a low weight. The valves are intended to protect against sabotage and are available in variants that are lighter than conventional steel valves. Usually four hidden valves are supplied in a set. It is advisable that the filling adapter (i.e. the counterpart) is included. Otherwise you cannot inflate the tires with air. Replacement dust caps should also be included in the scope of delivery. The optics of the valves can usually be chosen as desired. The articles can be purchased in many versions, depending on the manufacturer. For example, if you are looking for invisible valves in silver that have an elegant look, you will definitely find what you are looking for in specialist shops. When purchasing the valves, you should also ensure that there is no risk of injury and that the valves do not have any sharp areas. So that they can be installed, of course, the old valve has to be removed.

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