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Earn a few hundred euros by selling vehicle data?

GPS marker GPS 4 Earn a few hundred euros by selling vehicle data?

In our Vehicle advertising report we have informed about the possibilities to make money with your own car. But there is another, optically completely inconspicuous, option for the classic method with various information on the body. And that comes from MyAutoData (MAUD)! Here, too, you can earn money with your own vehicle, but in a completely different way. MyAutoData uses the ubiquitous digitalization of modern vehicles. And as a seller you hardly have to do anything! How it works? Here is a brief explanation:

current cars are mobile supercomputers

Auto data networking computer Earn a few hundred euros by selling vehicle data?

Modern vehicles sometimes have more program code than an entire operating system. If a car still had around ten million lines of software code in 2010, the Golf 8 already has over 100 million. For comparison: Facebook consists of around 62 million lines of code, i.e. around 18.000 printed pages of paper. Back to the VW Golf. There are enormous amounts of computing power and countless computer chips. All of these programs collect incredibly large amounts of data. Strictly speaking: All data! Whether position, consumption, speed, inclination, acceleration, braking distances, ABS triggers, even the number of times the window regulator is actuated. Car manufacturers in particular earn their money with all this data, some of which are processed in their own research and development, but some are probably also sold. The owner of the vehicle is not aware of this. The owner of a car has nothing of all this data at first, only the car manufacturer when he reads it out or receives it anyway. A 65-year-old German entrepreneur from Munich wants to change that now. His vision: enable drivers to make money themselves with their data. His name: Manfred Heiss.

How the MyAutoData system works!

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It offers a "data vault" on the Internet under the name MYAutoData. Invoices, repair receipts, service reports and TÜV reports come in there. The data package is supplemented with countless movement data via an app and a special one OBD dongle to be collected.

Both end up in the MyAutoData data cloud!

MyAutoData MAUD website function Earn a few hundred euros by selling vehicle data?
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Then the user can decide for himself which of the collected data will be made available to the companies registered on the MyAutoData website. Depending on the data he shares, money can be earned because the companies must of course pay for the receipt. And that should already be profitable. The companies work with the data provided and they belong to MyAutoData. According to MyAutoData, this could earn up to 500 euros a year - regardless of the vehicle type. For many companies, the address of the driver alone is worth something. And the real-time data, which is read out via the OBD dongle and sent to an app, could be a real data treasure for these companies.

Advertising is a business with billions!

Anyone who runs an advertising campaign on Facebook, YouTube or Google Ads knows how expensive a targeted campaign for generating leads & sales can be. It is no wonder that countless billions are invested in advertising every year. Selling user data via MyAutoData is therefore an opportunity to do targeted advertising. And apparently there are no legal problems. Because the end consumers deliberately provide their data. Whether the earnings will actually be several hundred euros a year, or whether it may be less, will have to be seen and also depends on the driver and his profile (frequent driver, etc.). MyAutoData states that marketing would be interesting for half a million users and around 500 companies. And in 2 years you will strive to double.

workshops also benefit

Auto repair shop tuning shop workshop Earning a few hundred euros by selling vehicle data?

MyAutoData wants to work in two directions. When a user advertises orders, companies should be able to apply for them. Data is only available here for a fee, which will flow back to the car owner. The stationary data vault, on the other hand, is free of charge. The app and the stick for the dynamic data in turn for EUR 71,40 per year. The start-up wants to earn money primarily through commissions. 50 percent of the profit from every successful trade in the data goes to MyAutoData. If you have decided to participate, then you should plan a bit of work. MyAutoData wants the leasing or purchase contract from the car, as well as the technical data, information on insurance and much more. It can take several hours for all the data to be entered. But when insurance companies, workshops, parts dealers or even car dealers knock on the door, it starts to be fun. And MyAutoData works the other way round too. For example, the user can post orders and suitable companies can apply for a fee.

Parking ban 2020 Penalties Catalog of fines 4 e1593160256391 Earn a few hundred euros by selling vehicle data?

in summary the most important information:

  • Data should be used for marketing and development purposes
  • Data is stored digitally
  • Data is protected in a cloud and can be managed by the vehicle owner
  • Users can make data available on an integrated marketplace
  • Money can be earned, possibly cheaper insurance offers save money
  • Membership for vehicle owners and companies free of charge
  • MyAutoData is the legal owner of the data
  • Vehicle owners worldwide have the opportunity to manage the data themselves (data is stored in different databases and is cryptically encrypted)
  • Only certified companies come to the platform for a fee
  • Vehicle owners can request service offers for their own car (from workshops, etc.)

MyAutoData MAUD website function Sign in Earn a few hundred euros by selling vehicle data?

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