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As headlight covers / evil eye is called a plastic cover that means Glue is applied to the headlights. The aim is to make the view appear more compact and "grim". Headlight covers / evil eye may only be attached in such a way that you can see the light output of the headlight not hinder or change. Headlight covers / evil eye are also available made of metal to be welded to the hood. The same guidelines apply here too. In contrast to the headlight covers / evil eye made of plastic, which is often provided with an ABE, the evil eye made of metal, which was welded on, often has to use individual acceptance entered in the vehicle documents. But this is not always feasible. So it is better to inquire beforehand with a testing organization. The headlight covers / evil eye are also available for them rear headlights.

Taillight covers

And how are headlight covers installed? Are there instructions or a tutorial for this?

Because every vehicle has a different headlight, and there are by no means suitable headlight covers for every type with approval there, general instructions for installing the headlight covers can be difficult to create. Usually a set always comes with one short vehicle-specific instructions and basically the way of installing headlight covers is also self-explanatory. they are coming depending on the design im upper part from the headlight, over the complete Headlights, or on lower part from headlights to use. Common versions are for Stick on thought on the upper edge of the headlight. But also at the lower edge from the headlight and also as a complete attachment (for example to create a round look) are available.

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usually attached with glue

If it is the common plastic variants, they are usually marked with a special glue (Body adhesive etc.) applied and in the drying phase with Tape fixed. Once the glue has hardened, the tape can be removed and the evil eye is done. And the process is basically identical for the so-called rear light covers. Here, too, glue is almost always used. Any existing ABE must always be carried in the vehicle. An entry is then not necessary. Will be the bezels only with one Expert opinion delivered so is a change acceptance at yours Test organization required. Under no circumstances may the light exit angle be changed by the screens. If that is the case, there is an acceptance hopeless.

Evil eye to be welded to the hood

A nasty look that is welded to the body must also be delivered with the corresponding test documents. If this is not the case, then there is an individual acceptance not Pauschal is also possible. You should definitely get in touch with an appropriate testing organization in advance. Depending on the vehicle, there are also variants that are the same complete grille replace with. You pull yourself up and / or below with above the headlight.

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