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Use acoustic game warning devices to combat accidents involving wildlife?

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Use acoustic game warning devices to combat accidents involving wildlife?

Wildlife accidents occur frequently, especially in the time of the year when the days are getting shorter and shorter, i.e. in winter. In order to better protect animals and people from accidents, one had one a few years ago acoustic game warning that can be bought for little money. But can the warning device actually solve the problem? The acoustic wildlife warning devices are now available on the market for just a few euros. They are comparable to small plastic toads. You can easily mount the game warning device using adhesive strips or, alternatively, using a screw connection below the bumper, in the radiator grille or directly on the front apron. It can also be installed on the rearview mirror, the roof and the bonnet. Whistling while driving creates a high-pitched tone that cannot be heard by humans. Wild animals find this uncomfortable. The wildlife rescuer's whistle prevents them from crossing the road in front of the vehicle. At least that's the theory!

Preventing wildlife accidents with wildlife warning?

Use acoustic game warning devices to combat accidents involving wildlife?

Acoustic wild sirens were not only designed for cars, but also for motorcycles and trucks. And for a few years now, tests have also been carried out in some German regions optical as well as the acoustic wild whistles. You should have noticed all of them while driving: It's about the semicircular, blue reflectors that are attached to the delineator posts outside the village. Together with the acoustic ultrasonic alarms, these are intended to prevent accidents involving wildlife.

What can the system do according to the manufacturer?

Wildlife warning high-frequency warning ultrasonic car car 2 Do you use acoustic game warning to prevent accidents with wild animals?

According to advertisements by companies that make acoustic wild horns, the ultrasonic sound is intended to confuse wildlife and deter wild animals from entering the vehicle before they pass the road. The wildlife warning systems, which are suitable for the vehicle, consist of a small, whistle-like and robust plastic device. It is mounted on the vehicle's front bumper and on the motorcycle on the front fender. The lower part of the wildlife warning device is fixed with adhesive strips. If necessary, the warning can also be removed quickly, for example when the car passes the car wash. The airflow penetrates the device while driving and the high-frequency warning device generates a sound that cannot be heard by humans. This warns the animals of the approaching danger of the vehicle from up to 400 meters. At best, the warner prevents the game from running out of control onto the road. Incidentally, according to the manufacturer, the acoustic ultrasonic whistle works best from 50 km / h.

Investigations and test reports

Wildlife warning high-frequency warning ultrasonic car car 3 Do you use acoustic game warning to prevent accidents with wild animals?

In the case of acoustic game warning devices for motorbikes or cars, however, there are almost no reliable test analyzes or research work to date. According to some tests, some wild animals showed no reaction at all to the relatively only very quiet sound which the inexpensive devices in particular emit. Even in America, where the warning devices are better known than in Germany, there were similarly weak test results. So it is extremely important to purchase a high quality product and not the cheapest one on the market. So it is unfortunately not yet entirely certain whether the game warning systems actually work effectively or not. However, the auto-ultrasound can be bought anywhere and it is not expensive. The small pipes do no harm and are therefore definitely worth a try.


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