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So that the spark leaps over! Change the spark plugs!

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Spark plug tuning spark plug custom So that the spark jumps! Change the spark plugs!

For the Otto engine to function properly, it is extremely important that the spark be changed at regular intervals. In the following article we would therefore like to explain to you in more detail how you can recognize defective spark plugs, how high the costs are for a repair and also how you can use them spark of the vehicle can change on their own.

Change the spark plugs!

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  1. Detect a defective spark plug?
  2. 400 degrees for optimal cleaning
  3. The cost and time of repairing the spark plug
  4. When to change the spark plugs
  5. How is a spark plug constructed?
  6. Different spark plugs
  7. Which spark plug is the right one?
  8. Change the spark plugs yourself
  9. What is required for the expansion and the change?
  10. Switch off the CURRENT and VOLTAGE
  11. Tutorials on changing the spark plugs

Detect a defective spark plug?

Spark plug tuning spark plug custom 3 So that the spark jumps over! Change the spark plugs!

Since spark plugs are a very important component, as already mentioned, you will normally discover a defect in one or more spark plugs fairly quickly. For example, when the car suddenly begins to jerk or a cylinder no longer works at all, which is caused by misfiring - in any case, there is a noticeable change in the engine running. If you notice such symptoms, you should examine the matter more closely and replace the spark plugs if necessary. If you do not do this, the misfiring could result in fuel that has not been banned into the fuel Catalyst guess what will destroy it sooner or later. Furthermore, defective spark plugs make themselves noticeable through increased fuel consumption, which is due to the fact that the fuel is not burned 100 percent and the efficiency is therefore reduced. (I.e.

400 degrees for optimal cleaning

Spark plug combustion cleaning So that the sparks jump over! Change the spark plugs!

In order for the spark plugs to burn free, temperatures of approximately are in the combustion chamber 400 degree necessary. If you only move your vehicle over short distances, however, such high temperatures cannot be reached. Short journeys damage the engine in the long run. You can also usually see a defective spark plug relatively quickly: If the electrodes of the spark plugs have deposits or encrustations, there is almost always a defect and you should replace the spark plug. If the color of the spark plug is even fawn / light brown and it also has no white or black deposits, the spark plug is OK and working. (I.e.

Spark plug maintenance costs and time

Build workshop vehicle repair tuning yourself So that the sparks jump over! Change the spark plugs!

How many spark plugs a vehicle has depends on how many cylinders the engine has. The costs for changing the spark plugs vary and therefore amounts between 60 and 400 euros can be due. If you only drive a small car with three cylinders, you will of course have to pay less for a change than someone who drives a car that has six, eight, ten or even twelve cylinders. You also have to dig deeper into your pocket for engines that are exposed to high thermal loads - these are special ones High performance spark plugs used, which of course are correspondingly more expensive. In general, it is a good idea to compare prices, which can save you a lot of money. For an ordinary spark plug will be between 2 and 20 Euro Due - not necessarily a lot of money in itself, but there can be enormous price differences depending on the number of cylinders in the engine. As far as the duration is concerned, changing the spark plugs does not normally take much time: A change is possible usually take place within half an hour. (I.e.

When to change the spark plugs

XADO Stage 1 Atomic Metal Conditioner experience test report Tuning 4 So that the spark jumps! Change the spark plugs!
Check spark plugs for defects

Normally, the spark plugs must every 30.000 to 60.000 kilometers can be replaced, but this also depends on the vehicle model - for example, there are also spark plugs that are first after 100.000 kilometers have to be exchanged. Incidentally, manufacturers recommend checking the spark plugs annually for their function. The intervals at which the spark plugs should be changed can also be seen in the vehicle manual. As already mentioned, a gasoline engine usually has one spark plug per cylinder. However, there are also engines that have a so-called Double ignition are equipped. These are often relatively large-volume vehicles in which two spark plugs are responsible for igniting the mixture, which results in more efficient combustion. An engine with four cylinders and a double ignition therefore also requires eight spark plugs. So if you drive a 12-ender with double ignition and need high-performance spark plugs, the material alone can cost 500 to 600 euros. (I.e.

How is a spark plug constructed?

Structure of the spark plug So that the spark jumps over! Change the spark plugs!

As for the structure of the spark plug, the spark plug consists of, among other things Center electrode. This center electrode is in one Isolator, which off Ceramics consists. That insulator is held in a metal housing on the lower side of the spark plug. This housing is the thread that goes into the cylinder head is screwed. Via a so-called spark plug the spark plug is connected to the ignition cable. This is where the electrical impulse finds its way into the spark plug. The spark now jumps from the center electrode to the ground electrode and ignites the mixture in the vehicle's combustion chamber. It looks different with the diesel engine: Here you can find so-called glow plugs which are only required when the vehicle is cold-started. The mixture ignites here due to the higher compression of the engine, which results in strong heating and thus ignition. (I.e.

Different spark plugs

There are basically two different types of spark plugs: Spark plugs with a sealing ring and spark plugs that are conical and do not have a sealing ring. However, there are other aspects, depending on the requirements of the engine. For example, there are different pitches of the thread, diameter or different lengths of the thread. However, different numbers of electrodes, different materials for the electrodes and different heat values ​​must also be taken into account. The Heat value describes the temperature the spark plug can withstand. For example, an engine with a turbocharger requires spark plugs with a correspondingly higher heat value than an engine that is exposed to lower temperatures due to the higher temperatures. (I.e.

Which spark plug is the right one?

If you want to buy new spark plugs, you should use the so-called Spark plug table To fall back on. On this table you will find the right spark plugs for your vehicle. The common and renowned manufacturers such as NGK , Bosch or Champion have filters on their website that you can use to find the right spark plug by entering your model, year of construction and engine. In order to be able to order the spark plug in stores, you need the corresponding product number. (I.e.

Change the spark plugs yourself

XADO Stage 1 Atomic Metal Conditioner experience test report Tuning 8 e1606137794563 So that the spark jumps! Change the spark plugs!

You can change the spark plugs yourself, which makes financial sense, especially for older vehicles. On many older vehicles, you can see the spark plug connector immediately after you open the hood. With new vehicles, however, things are more complicated: they often get in the way paneling the view and it must therefore first be dismantled so that the spark plug can be reached. However, it is not impossible to change the spark plugs on new vehicles either. (I.e.

What is required for the expansion and the change?

You will need a few tools to change on your own. These include a spark plug socket with a rubber insert, a ratchet or ratchet with an extension, a torque wrench that is suitable for torques of 10 to 50 Newton meters, compressed air or a large brush and also a clean rag. Furthermore, you should make sure that the change is only carried out when the engine has cooled down. This is because the heat causes the spark plug to expand. If you do not pay attention to this, the spark plug may later get stuck in the cylinder head or even twist off. You must also make sure that the ignition is switched off and that you have disconnected the ground pole of the battery. (I.e.

Switch off the CURRENT and VOLTAGE

Start Stop System e1537422266797 So that the spark skips! Change the spark plugs!

It is of enormous importance that you no way (!) may work on the ignition system if you have a previously damaged heart or a pacemaker! But even if you are healthy, it can be life-threatening if you come into contact with parts of the ignition system while the ignition is still on. So, any CURRENT / any VOLTAGE must be switched off. When you can get to the spark plugs, pull off the spark plug connector and then blow the spark plug shaft free with compressed air. Now put the spark plug wrench on the tightening nut and then unscrew the spark plug. Then you can screw in the new spark plug by hand. You should be careful not to damage the candles. Also make sure that you screw in the thread correctly (light pressure, counterclockwise). The spark plug is now tightened using the torque wrench (observe the correct torque here) tightened. Now the spark plug connector can be put back on. Repeat the process for each spark plug. (I.e.

Tutorials on changing the spark plugs (I.e.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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