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Devil Eyes foil to stick on! Is that actually legal?

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devil eyes sticker devil eyes e1609330172342 devil eyes foil to stick on! Is that actually legal?
A few days ago we were asked by a reader whether the so-called Devil-Eyes headlights allowed are. He was referring to the little ones when asked Stick-on strips and can not be to a complete headlight for retrofitting. What was meant were the mostly red "eyelid lines" along the lower edge of the headlights. These stickers are only allowed if they are NOT on the headlight be attached! There is a possibility them below the headlight between the front apron and the light "on the front apron“Then that's no problem and nothing more than a design feature. Directly on the headlight but they may can not be be applied. The radiance of the headlights must not be impaired by anything. Even if it is hard to explain in some vehicles how the luminosity of the headlights should be impaired in this area, this is the one here Legislation relevant. Type-approved components (headlights, taillights) NOT can be changed and that happens with this Devil Eyes film. There is more information about this in our big special on light tuning!

no changes to headlights

devil eyes sticker devil eyes 2 devil eyes foil to stick on! Is that actually legal?

Also, it may actually be the narrow strip the light breaks and thus the headlight for Danger for yourself and others becomes. It certainly depends on the vehicle and the built-in headlights, but in the end that doesn't change anything! If you stick the things on anyway, you have to with one fine or even with a point in Flensburg calculate. The film cannot be compared with headlights such as those from the VW Golf GTI, which have the red stripes ex works IM Have integrated housing. And of course the same applies to LED strip. Headlights too from the accessories can be equipped with such a strip. Is that the case and a corresponding test mark then the headlight is available as Complete part authorized and can installed will. By the way: what looks good on a GTI doesn't necessarily have to work on a VW Passat, Ford Mondeo & Co. Especially since the adhesive tape for about 5 € is certainly not the same visually as the headlight of the GTI. By the way, Scheinwerferblenden are something else and with one ABE fitted. Therefore they are allowed to legally installed will. However, there is an ABE for Devil Eyes eyeliner lines can not be !

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