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E Ink mark instead of tin sign - allowed in Sacramento

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Digital number plates USA E Ink license plate instead of metal sign allowed in Sacramento

At the beginning of january we reported that maybe soon digital number plates in the USA be tested and now the time has come. In Sacramento, California, vehicle owners can now attach a so-called e-ink display to the vehicle. These license plates allow not only the display of license plate data but also advertising or a theft notice, etc. The costs are extremely high at $ 700 for the license plate and a monthly fee of $ 7. However, one also has to consider that the small integrated computer not only has to have a wireless communication system and a battery, but also has to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, dirt, water, salt and much more. Those who opt for this system can register their vehicle electronically and do not have to physically update the number plate every year.

If the appropriate authority is ok, then even personal messages can be displayed. It is also possible in a stolen vehicle to show a corresponding note or make a GPS by GPS. However, it should not really wait long until the thief removes the license plate. But that's not the focus for sure. Nevertheless, the current project of the State Department of Motor Vehicles already gives a small outlook on what the future could bring in this regard. Currently, the providers are still extremely limited and so is only the company Reviver Auto known the system, especially for vehicle fleets, finds interesting. Certainly impressive when the parked vehicles are in a fleet in a parking lot and the license plate is faded in one corner smaller and appears on the rest of large-scale advertising.

E Ink License Plate Plate License Plate2 E Ink Marks Allowed Instead of Tin Sign in Sacramento

It is planned to integrate the e-ink license plates into a 5G network in order to be able to supply them with data. Other ideas are temporary labels that issue warnings to the population or even display the parking time in paid parking spaces. But whatever the result of the test looks like, with a 99 percent probability we can assume that we will not see anything like this in Germany in the next few years. Basically everything is possible and conceivable that you can do with a normal LCD screen. Should there be any new information about this project, you will of course be informed as far as you ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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