Speed ​​sticker on the truck - the meaning!

50, 60, 70 or 80 km / h? Many trucks are the same with a whole series of them Speed ​​stickers equipped at the stern. But what are the different labels for? Here is the answer. First of all, the most important thing: In Germany, the stickers, which often look like a speed limit, have signs no meaning. In some countries, however, this information is required on the truck. During a check, the police can see how fast the truck is going is allowed to drive. If several stickers are attached to a truck, they can be used, for example, for different types of roads, i.e. country road or motorway, apply. Also for certain Driving situation there are different license plates, for example when driving with trailer or if the truck Dangerous goods has loaded. These details always apply to the country in which the truck is registered.

In a nutshell - the information

In Germany, the different speed limit stickers on the rear of a truck have no meaning. In some countries, however, such a label is mandatory so that the police can see during controls how fast the truck in question is allowed to drive. And, as far as we know, this also applies to buses, mobile homes & Co. The information is only ever valid in the country in which the truck, bus or caravan is registered. For the driver, the stickers mean "I drive so fast and am allowed to drive on this route too!"And give the following traffic the note:"I am only allowed to drive 60/80/90 depending on the route!"

There are also areas of application in Germany

These signs can also be used in Germany feature have. It is possible that a maximum speed is required in an exemption permit and thus a corresponding sign on the truck. Such signs or stickers are also used for the design-related top speed displayed, for example with a mobile crane 62 km/hto be allowed to drive on the autobahn or 25 km/h Fits Agricultural trailer free of TÜV and approval. There are also markings for 20, 40, 50 and 6 km / h.

Of course that had not been the case.

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Speed ​​sticker - compulsory in the vehicle?

speed sticker MS sticker mandatory on-board computer 310x165 Speed ​​sticker mandatory in the vehicle?

Speeders may also have to hand in their car with us!

Confiscated vehicles Switzerland 310x165 speeders may also have to hand in their car with us!

Follow-up license plate for agricultural trailers!

Follow-up speed mark for agriculture 310x165 Follow-up mark for agricultural trailers!

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