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Voodoo ride care series

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voodoo ride care products tuningblog offer Voodoo Ride care series

Voodoo ride vehicle care

So you clean and care for cars today!

In the US, Voodoo Ride is considered an absolute innovation in car care. But what makes these products so special and what is the difference to other care products?
Voodoo Ride care products can be used all over the vehicle to clean metal surfaces, protect the body, refresh the interior or even let the rims and tires shine in their former glory. There is the right product for every task. For example, the innovative metal polish can be used on all metal parts. Chromed tailpipes, aluminum fuel cap, painted steel body, brushed steel cladding in the interior: All metal surfaces can be cleaned and maintained with the products.

When it comes to car care, there are only two things that really matter:

The perfect result and easy handling. The ease of use of Voodoo Ride car care products is only surpassed by the result. You only want to leave the best in your car - and a voodoo ride set is the best thing that can happen to your car in terms of maintenance. In our opinion, there is no easier and better way to take care of the car.

Give it a try - you will never want anything else again! jetzt kaufen Voodoo Ride Pflegeserie

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  1. Who would have thought that,

    I have chrome rims and have therefore of course been looking for a rim cleaner that does not attack the surface or make it matt. What can I say ... brake dust away (I didn't wash any rims for a good 3.000km) and everything is TOP for storing summer bikes!

    Thank you
    VG Lars

    • I can only say good things, although our rims are black 😀 so that I can of course only assess the cleaning power to a limited extent, but our rims are coated with Foliatec spray film and at the beginning I was of course scared that the film would be damaged. However, the special cleaner from Foliatec is so outrageously expensive that I looked for the alternative and found it with the Voodoo cleaner. Ok, maybe every other rim cleaner can do it 😀 but I can only judge the one from voodoo because I only took it

  2. Fast delivery, the rest no idea 😀 I will try the days

  3. I think the tire foam is mega, I have an oldi with classic white tire lettering and the foam makes the tire shine even many days later, which is surprising because the gloss of other products has actually disappeared after a short time. It didn't last forever either, but easily 7 days

  4. So far I can recommend the Voodoo Ride All Metal Polish, I haven't used it for the car but for my motorcycle and I'm really impressed, especially the permanent beading on the chrome rims is really impressive. I can't complain ... Cool thing!

    LG Gerhard

  5. So the cleaning fleece is a good non-fluffing cloth, but nothing more. Any other microflies can do that too Jungs Advantage, the cloth is not comparatively expensive and it belongs to the set!

  6. How do you get the price? : O Only half in the bottle or what? :)))))

  7. Hello my dears

    So I did the interior spray. So far I was actually an advocate of scented trees that I hid somewhere in the car 😀 The spray changes that most clearly. The smell is not so chemical and it leaves no stains, especially in my car that would be very noticeable because my dashboard was covered with side matt leather. For the rest, I can't say anything at the moment because I haven't tried it yet.

    LG Janine

  8. I'll be surprised, I've just ordered it. 🙂

  9. I just ordered a set. If the fun is only half as good as the design then I will have found my new care products But let's wait and see!

  10. So I ordered the set in September and tried the Wash & Wax first. That's really a cool thing with water, actually completely simple from the idea, but you have to come to it first 🙂

    Can only report good things with my foiled vehicle after 3 washes so far. The bottle has been empty about 1/3 since then. So 19 washes should be in there. (Passat variant)

  11. I already ordered the set last year (at that time directly from the AMI's) and am now more than happy to have found it here. I still have enough left and don't need a new set today or tomorrow, but when I do I order here of course. The delivery time from America at that time was just under 4 weeks and all in all, of course, it was significantly more expensive: s

    Greeting Christian

  12. Now I have to add my mustard to it. I had already ordered it 2 weeks ago and can say EVERYTHING is great. The rim cleaner in particular is great, has polished outer beds and is therefore more careful with chemicals and co. And even if the tuning blog people promise that nothing will happen, I only tried it on a test rim. Everything worked fine. Keep it up ... 🙂

  13. So basically you can say that all things work really well, my set is almost all complete and I have the idea to order another one. I don't want to say whether there is a blatant difference to the alternatives from Sonax or Nigrin. After all, everyone just boils with water.

    But what convinces me is the package price, if you would buy all cleaners individually, you get almost 50% more expensive from EVERY well-known manufacturer and also has the trouble of having to find everything individually.

    Aslan fallow

  14. Loreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

    For me, the rim cleaner bottle was broken in shipping somehow, tuningblog has delivered immediately replacement. Everything can happen well! Thanks again at this point!

  15. For me, the rim cleaner was enough to clean 6-7 times. Not necessarily better than many other cleaners, but also not worse schlech

  16. I also ordered yesterday! I'm curious ... The car will be in the garage until April, so there is a lot of time to try it out 😉

  17. After I received an email from tuningblog whether I would also like to share my experience, I am here to speak 😉

    voodoo ride experience = TOP! Everything else would degenerate into surreptitious advertising but I can only say it that way, with 8 different remedies I don't want to go into each one now but I can say for each remedy that it does exactly what it promises. Sure, I'm a layman and can't make any comparison to professional means from the industry, but I didn't pay € 500-600 but € 99 and my 8-year-old E60 looks like the first day. Pictures can unfortunately not be posted here otherwise I would do it.

    Thank you tuningblog

  18. I also find the polish for metals very good. You can compare it with Elsterglanz only that in my opinion it can be processed much better and is of course much more productive. Great thing….

  19. Hello people,

    I would also like to add my mustard today. I had already ordered the set last week because I have seen the advertising on Facebook several times. I wasn't really sure what to make of it, but since I was looking for a complete care law for my car anyway, it was worth a try. At Amazon, I had previously tried to order the cleaners individually because as a Prime member I would not have had to pay for shipping, apart from the polishing of the rim cleaner and the interior spray, there were no other remedies to buy. If you put the three already mentioned in the shopping cart at Amazon, you are already at just under € 60, which also underpins the statement about the special price. I tried the rim cleaner today because I (a little later) swapped my summer bikes for the winter rims today. My rims have a matt black rim star and a chrome-plated rim base, both surfaces are actually difficult to clean because ugly stains are particularly common with the matt black and anyone can imagine how an unsuitable rim cleaner looks on chrome parts. Strangely, this works perfectly with the Voodoo rim cleaner since none of the surfaces mentioned changed in any way or changed in any way. The rims were cleaned properly and I had waited about 3 minutes to take effect. I have to admit, the wheels weren't really dirty right now, but if you want to clean a badly dirty rim without lifting your hand, you can't do without an acidic agent anyway. I will definitely try the rest of it in the course of the winter and if I feel like it I will also report on it here.

    Best regards Lars

  20. Also a short and rather pointless report from me! I received the package yesterday and my first thought was to try out the rim cleaner, after I sprayed it on my alloy wheels, I found that -5 ° are anything but optimal and all the fun is frozen 😀 😀

    So I will report again soon: p

    VG Janine

  21. Sebastian Rischer

    I had already decided to do it in the summer and can't really complain. I have no idea whether this is the ultimate or your good average, the package price convinced me in the end because even if you buy all the products individually from some no-name providers you are usually around 20-25 € more expensive. And as stupid as that may sound, but even the visual aspect was not unimportant to me because things look really cool in my workshop and I have had a few friends on site who have spoken to me and asked where they are Can buy fun ...

    PS. The interior spray is not my taste, but it is like perfume. Everyone likes something different in the end.

    Greetings Basti!

  22. Got it yesterday and tried it right away, rim cleaner worked well, interior spray smells good but definitely has to be used sparingly as it is otherwise too exaggerated. The polish worked particularly well around the door handles because my vehicle was badly scratched by fingernails etc. and the paint was already matt. Of course I find the style of the products particularly cool, my girlfriend thought I had ordered a set of personal care products 😀 😀

  23. Hi guys. So I can not believe so far I had ordered the set two weeks ago and actually tried everything before. OK. My vehicle wasn’t completely filthy now, neither inside nor outside, and there were probably no special unsolvable problems, but I can definitely recommend Voodoo-Ride for everyday cleaning at a slightly higher level.


  24. Interesting stuff, I have to test it. LG 83metoo 🙂

  25. I have bought the rim cleaner "Felgenteufel" from ATU for years and have always been very satisfied. The problem was that this rim cleaner was apparently so aggressive that it attacked the surface of the clear coat on the aluminum rims. When you finished cleaning and touched the paint on the rims, you noticed that it had become downright soft. This happened within a short time, but you drove during this time and brake dust developed and it could burn into the paint in a much more aggressive manner. I got the impression that that's why the rims have also discolored. Although the discoloration is logically not gone now, I could not observe this phenomenon with the voodoo-Ride rim cleaner and yet there was no difference in terms of the cleaning function. '

    So it can recommend it to anyone, especially since the price is loose 30% below that of the Felgenteufels.

    Best regards Hannes

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