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The Car of the Year 2021 - A preview of six favorites

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car of the year 2021 The car of the year 2021 A preview of six favorites


The “Car of the Year” award has been presented annually since 2005 and is carried out by around 50 journalists from 25 countries who are only allowed to rate those automobiles that are sold on at least two continents. The jurors who will choose the 2021 winner have already published a preliminary list for the five available categories. The famous winners will be announced at the New York Motor Show on March 31 of next year.

And also in the coming year it will be a tough competition to see who can win the prestigious prizes. And also in recent years the best cars in the world don't just fight for honor. Rather, it is also about the best engine performance, the best design, handling, driving sensation, but also the most unusual luxury equipment. Here are some of the favorite models that could emerge victorious next spring.

Honda Jazz / Fit

Honda Jazz Fit 2020 The Car of the Year 2021 A preview of six favorites

Honda is still trying to conquer the small segment of the MPV with the Jazz / Fit is and therefore this model is now in the fourth generation built. But jazz is still very popular with engine enthusiasts. The appearance of this small van is a bit misleading, because it has a spacious interior, which also allows additional storage space through folding backrests (the so-called "Magic Seats System"). This year's Jazz is also a little longer than its previous versions and can also be ordered as a Crosstar on request, which can not only be used as a city vehicle and which also has a fancy plastic over fender.

The car is economical, reliable and with "Android-Auto"And"Apple Car Play" fitted. No wonder that this model is particularly popular with young families. Its pronounced practicability could well bring the jazz a main prize at the awards ceremonies in 2021 and make it - also in the future - the figurehead of the Japanese automaker.

Hyundai i10 / Grand 10

Hyundai i10 Grand 10 The Car of the Year 2021 A preview of six favorites

The i10 has proven to be an exceptional success for Hyundai since its launch in 2007. The look of the latest generation is significantly sportier than the previous versions, although the overall appearance is a bit more angular. The N-Line version benefits from some changes to the chassis - new shock absorbers at the rear and an increased spring rate - and thus has an increased smoothness. The Hyundai i10 can only be ordered as a five-door model, but can optionally be equipped as a four- or five-seater.

In terms of its improved appearance, the first thing you notice is the new colors: an aqua blue dominates the model range of the i10 2020, for example, and the color of the roof is also contrasted with the body. In the case of the N variant, the redesigned front apron should also be mentioned, which harmonises perfectly with the new honeycomb radiator grille. All in all, the form of the new Korean looks really sporty and elegant, if a little quirky.

With its small size and unusual appearance, the i10 is not exactly a family car, especially in its sporty version, but due to its innovative design and powerful engine, there are probably not many better small cars currently on the market.

Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris 2020 The Car of the Year 2021 A preview of six favorites

The Toyota Yaris is another small car from the Far East, in which the hybrid drive is obviously in the foreground, because only hybrids are available in the 2020 model range. It is therefore not surprising that the excellent motor performance, especially in city traffic, has earned the Yaris the nominations for the “World Urban Car Award” as well as for the “Car of the Year”.

The Yaris impresses with a sophisticated direct steering system and, thanks to the matching chassis, the car is easy to steer through the street canyons even in the tightest of spaces. The optimal performance is between 60 and 90 km / h. and makes this Toyota an extremely attractive model in the supermini market, and above all because of its hybrid system. However, highway driving is not that popular with the followers of this Japanese. Due to its not exaggerated price, the models can certainly succeed on the European market, so that the popularity will continue to increase in the course of the year. Definitely a suitable contender for the crown!

Porsche 911 Turbo S (992)

Porsche 911 Turbo S 992 2020 The Car of the Year 2021 A preview of six favorites

With its name, Porsche has always stood for unbelievable quality and high performance, and it is precisely these characteristics that the new 911 Turbos S have shown again. It is not surprising that this model will again be a hot candidate for the “World Performance Car 2021” category. Its typically sporty appearance suggests that its owner is just about to whiz into the casino Eldorado Monte Carlo to get there his blackjack strategy to further refine. In fact, these “Turbo S” models have already received rave reviews for their great handling and reliably strong performance.

2,6 km / h are reached in 100 seconds and the top speed is up to 330 km / h. This is all the more astonishing when you consider that these models are 40 kg heavier than their predecessors. 650 hp can be found under the hood and 420 mm carbon ceramic rotors and a ten-piston brake caliper are just a few of the other additions to this really excellent car, which will also hit high-end engine buyers with its smooth travel characteristics. Its price? Cool 175.000 euros. But we will probably still be allowed to dream ...

KIA Sonet

KIA Sonet 2020 The Car of the Year 2021 A preview of six favorites

From the Setos Mid-SUV series, Kia has now presented the Sonet model, a compact SUV that from India, later also to conquer the world market should. The small exterior of this car, which will first hit the market in the Indian subcontinent, becomes Kia's trademark. the “Tiger Nose grille” dominates and impresses with a chrome-plated lower edge and the distinctive LED headlights. The dominant looking bonnet also gives this model a powerful look.

The interior of the Sonet, which is probably available as a gasoline or diesel engine, impresses with its extensive equipment. A central screen and an infotainment system dominate the interior. And when you accelerate you will feel the power of this model, because it is not for nothing that the Sonet is known for its pronounced speed boosts. While the Sonet is not necessarily the top favorite for the Car of the Year award, it could do a lot better than many experts expect, and not only because of the enormous variety of different transmission options.

Seat Leon

Seat Leon 2020 The Car of the Year 2021 A preview of six favorites

This compact car from the VW group sometimes has a hard time with the sales figures, but mostly wrongly, because in reality the Leon, named after the Spanish city of the same name, is the better car than the VW Golf or the Ford Focus. The price is also below that of the comparable competing models, which makes it an inexpensive bargain. The 1.5 TSI 130 in particular is definitely a good buy, because with its powerful engine and sporty appearance, the Leon guarantees its owner an entertaining and sporty ride. The new lighting effects also attract a lot of attention later on.

Since Seat has taken its three-door models out of its range, only five-door hatchbacks or station wagons can now be purchased. The improved design of the "lion" with its narrower lines and a new windshield will become many friends of the SEAT-Leon quite liked. The environment is also not neglected with this model, because a 48-volt mild hybrid version not only pleases the driver, but also guarantees automatic shutdown when coasting or stopping. All in all, a secret favorite for this year's “Car of the Year” award lies in wait.

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