Thursday May 13, 2021

Exhaust gas reports - the real costs for exhaust gas measurement!

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exhaust gas investigation ASU Tuev Qualm exhaust gas report the real costs for exhaust gas measurement!
It's circulating on the net again and again Horror stories with regard to the cost of an emissions report from 5.000 € and more. The easiest way to find out the cost is of course with TÜV or at the DEKRA ring the doorbell and ask what the amounts are. If you do that, you get information about the cost of approx. € 1.000 net plus any “conditioning” of about 200 €. The latter includes the work to get any added Kats "empty" so that they do not falsify the measurement. In recent years, however, the cost has been increased and the Waiting times part extremely. At the moment one cost Single exhaust measurement in an exhaust gas measurement laboratory accredited by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) for a Single vehicle with a built-in gasoline engine rarely under 1.500 euros (net). Should a single vehicle with a diesel engine be checked, then even have to approx. 3.700,00 euros (net) to be planned.

Sample measurements cost a lot more

exhaust muffler capristo exhaust gas report the real costs for exhaust gas measurement!

That is of course severe! And should it be Sample measurement which is then usable for several vehicles, then are by far higher cost to plan. This is the case, for example, when a new sports exhaust is to be manufactured and sold. For the layman, this is more likely uninteressant. But one thing is particularly interesting. You should never forget: There is no guarantee that the vehicle being measured will even pass the test. But the costs fall I trotzdem regardless of whether the vehicle passed the emissions test or not. This can reduce the financial risks, depending on the vehicle, enormously high be. And also Multiple measurements of certain vehicle models are not necessarily one rarity. You concern about 40% of all measured vehicles. Therefore, with regard to tuning, you should rely on components that have a corresponding approval already bring with you and with it a Emissions certificate already behind you.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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