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In the field of car tuning, wider tires are often installed on rims with a good drop center! But how do you get wider tires in the wheel arch so that it also meets the legal requirements? The law requires the “covering of the wheel tread”. The answer is beading or Pull (sometimes called necking or widening) the fender! At the beading will the sometimes available edge at the wheel arch inwards so that a few millimeters of additional clearance for the tires arise. At the Pull the fender, however, widened the body to the outside, which also allows more scope, but on a larger scale.

Definition of flanging in the car tuning

Wheel arches flaring pull tuning

In order to mount wide tires with associated rims in the wheel arch of a vehicle, it is sometimes necessary to fold or widen the fenders. This is not only the case with lowered vehicles, but also with standard suspension systems and also with higher settings, it may be necessary to adapt the fenders to the bodywork. It is dependent on which wheel / tire combination is to go along with the change in the chassis. As already mentioned, the tires or rims must not touch the wheel arches. Also one wheel spacer may require that the wheel arches have to be machined. Otherwise there is an increased risk of risk in two ways. Firstly, of course, the tire and the rim damage, which can even lead to the tire bursting while driving.

Wheel arches flaring pulling Tuning2

On the other hand, small stones can be thrown around unhindered and thus damage / injure other vehicles or people. So the wheel arch has to be edited. With the help of hemming and flanging tools, the wheel arch edge is turned evenly and relatively easily. However, manual skills and a little sure instinct are required. If this requirement is met, the paint should not break when flanging and the material should withstand the "ultimate test" caused by being folded over. If the processing of the wheel arches is somewhat more extensive, however, there is usually no avoiding a subsequent modeling of the body with subsequent painting.

Required tools for beading

Wheel arches flaring pulling Tuning3

You almost always need a tool when tuning, and of course this is also the case when flanging the fenders. If you want to crimp / pull the fenders, you should use a suitable roller crimping device that is normally available from 150 € (cheap devices from 50 €). With this device, the flanging of the fenders is the easiest. But there is another way. Especially if you do not want to crimp very often the fenders, but at the own vehicle it would like to do only once in the best case, it makes sense to resort to alternatives. A rubber mallet is a very good tool for beading mudguards. To avoid dents or damage paint and sheet metal, a piece of plastic or hard plastic should be used to counteract. And the paint should be heated at the point to be processed beforehand. A spray can with underbody protection and a Flex are also recommended. The work is not quite clean, so working clothes can not hurt. Bordering fenders takes some time and rest, so patience and a cup of coffee should be brought along.

Beading the wheel arches

CAUTION:: We would like to explain you the correct way to crimp the wheel arches on the car, but point out that we accept no liability for the correctness. We neither guarantee the timeliness and correctness, nor the completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against us for material or immaterial nature that may arise as a result of the use of information in this report are generally excluded to the extent permitted by law.

This variant of flanging is suitable for cheap vehicles and should not be made on an 100.000 € car. First, all wheel house edges must be freed of sealants and impurities. The warmer the outside temperature, the safer and easier the further steps go. Who has a garage should preheat this before he starts work. If you do not have this option you can, as already mentioned, use a hot air blower to heat up the area you want to work on. It is important to ensure that the body stays warm. It is advisable to add a second person, who constantly warms up the paint on the wheel arch with the hot air blower. In order to avoid the risk of burning or damage to the vehicle, we recommend a simple hair dryer that is quite sufficient to make the paint warm and thus flexible for transferring.

Wheel arches flaring pulling Tuning4

In the next step, the edge is folded. With the rubber hammer the exact impact force must be found here. Too little force does not overturn the edge and too much can damage the paint and the bodywork. The piece of plastic is best wrapped with a cloth before holding. Emerged cavities should be filled with sealant. The edges should not be folded over too tight, because that could cause the paint to crack despite the warming. Should paint damage occur despite all measures, these should be treated with rust protection and cavity sealing. The edges should also be treated with underbody protection.

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Of course that had not happened yet!

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