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Roof construction also popular for tuning - our tips

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Jon Olsson Lamborghini Huracan Carbon Tuning 6 roof construction also popular when tuning our tips

You want more storage space for your car, for example, for the holidays, a move or the next tuning meeting? A popular alternative to the trailer, for which it needs its own driver's license, is the roof transport. With a roof structure or roof rack, even large and bulky objects can be easily transported and like us Vossen Tiguan, the M4R from Carbonfiber Dynamics or even the Jon Olsson Lamborghini Huracan The optics do not suffer as well. However, there are some points to consider. The most important we have summarized for you.

audi a1 gets makeover inspired by jon olsson's gumball 2 roof construction also popular when tuning our tips

What is allowed and forbidden in roof construction

It is important to note that roof transport in road traffic is subject to legal regulations. These can be found in Section 22 of the Road Traffic Regulation (StVO). The following requirements must fulfill your roof structure:

  1. The cargo must be secured with the usual technical means so that it does not slip or fall even during full braking.
  2. The load must not protrude below a height of 2,5 meters.
  3. The maximum width of the roof load is 2,55 meters.
  4. Vehicle and cargo must not exceed a height of four meters together.
  5. Towards the rear, the load may protrude a maximum of 1,5 meters, however, for transport distances below 100 kilometers, up to three meters are allowed. If the load protrudes more than a meter, additional backlighting must be installed.

It is best to measure all the lengths again before you set off. A wrongly installed roof structure can result in fines and even points in Flensburg. For example, if you drive too much on the autobahn, you can expect a fine of 70 euros and one point. OK, for tuning The information on the dimensions may now have been less important, it is still good to know.

BMW F82 M4R Roof Box Carbonfiber Dynamics Tuning 9 roof construction also popular when tuning our tips

Which support system is right for the roof construction

There is a wide range of roofing systems on the market, which differ considerably in terms of price and function. Cheap systems are available from 50 Euro, higher-quality variants can cost several hundred euros. Depending on the transport purpose, there are very different designs to buy:

  • Simple carriers that are suitable, for example, for the transport of large pieces of furniture.
  • Boxes for transporting small items, such as camping equipment.
  • Special equipment for the transport of bicycles, skis or the like.

Mercedes Benz G500 4 × 4² Tuning Jon Olsson 2017 14 Roof structure also popular with our tips when tuning

It's best to think carefully about when, how often and what you'll need it before you buy a carrier system. Borrowing may be the better option than buying a new one. In addition, it is important to check which type of mounting is suitable for the basic carrier for your car (closed railing, open railing, fixed point attachment, rain gutter, T-slot, normal roof). For assembly, it is advisable to be a couple and to observe the respective manufacturer's instructions. Then nothing stands in the way of transport pleasure!

BMW 328i F31 Thule Dinan tuning Touring 13 roof construction also popular when tuning our tips

Of course that had not happened yet!

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