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What is necessary to convert to an expedition vehicle?

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EarthCruiser EXP FX Expedition Vehicles V8 2020 22 What is necessary to convert to an expedition vehicle?

Anyone who owns a large all-wheel-drive vehicle, such as a four-wheel drive truck, and this for Expedition vehicle would like to convert, you have the choice between a conversion yourself or a conversion by a specialist company. Both variants naturally cause costs, which will be discussed in more detail below.

All-wheel drive trucks - which vehicles are the basis?

EarthCruiser EXP FX Expedition Vehicles V8 2020 8 What is necessary to convert to an expedition vehicle?

If you want a large expedition vehicle, you can use an all-wheel-drive truck, as is used by fire brigades or the THW. Vehicles from MAN, Magirus-Deutz, Mercedes-Benz & Co. come into question. Anyone who uses former fire engines for the conversion, however, ultimately needs a modification acceptance by DEKRA or TÜV as well as approval as a private truck. Of course, smaller vehicles are also suitable for a conversion. A medium-sized pickup is usually a good base. For example, a Mercedes X-Class or a VW Amarok. Likewise, it's one floor up with vehicles like a Ford F-150, a RAM 1500, a Ford F550 & Co. possible. Before buying and converting, however, the legal approval requirements should be clarified. Registration offices cannot so easily register former emergency vehicles for private use. Depending on the licensing office and examiner, various modifications, such as dismantling the Special signaling system, be made. Furthermore, the vehicle must be recoded and the vehicle must of course be technically flawless.

Converting the all-wheel-drive truck into an expedition vehicle

EarthCruiser EXP FX Expedition Vehicles V8 2020 20 What is necessary to convert to an expedition vehicle?

Whom an eventual Zwillingsbereifung, a double cabin and other elements of a former emergency vehicle, which usually only needs the basic conversion for an overnight stay in the outback and, depending on the destination, a few appropriate utensils. A mattress and a so-called box body might be enough. If not much is changed on the vehicle and the original condition is largely retained, then even one can H approval to be possible. For this, however, the legal requirements should be known before buying and converting.

Case expansion and costs

Zeppelin FM2 Shelter What do you need to convert to an expedition vehicle?

Any suitcase already in the truck should be increased. This actually always requires extensive welding work. If you want to stand in the vehicle and want a lot of space, you need a more complex conversion. Vehicles that are suitable for retrofitting start at around 2.500 euros for an old Zeppelin FM2 Shelter body. The price range is open at the top but completely open. The costs for the acquisition and the conversion can amount to 10.000 euros and more if it is carried out by yourself. An expedition vehicle also includes built-in water canisters for service and drinking water, for example. And older vehicles often need repairs, for which money should also be available. Especially when it comes to the outback off the beaten track.

Have the vehicle prepared

Mercedes G Class Earthcruiser Escape Outback Tuning 7 What is necessary to convert to an expedition vehicle?

The vehicle can also be prepared in a specialist workshop. There it will be expanded to a high quality if enough capital is available. The professional upgrade to an expedition vehicle costs accordingly. For example, used expedition vehicles are sold for 150.000 euros and more. How much the conversion ultimately costs depends on various factors. The expansion should match the respective vehicle (chassis). An old truck to be converted will hardly need any luxury elements. It depends on the expectations of the vehicle owner which conversions are made. And of course the area of ​​application is also of decisive importance. Little things like special off-road tires Beadlock wheels, a cable winch, various additional lights or just a few simple solar panels on the roof can quickly generate many thousands of euros in additional costs.

One should consider running costs

The costs for the expedition vehicle should not only include the purchase price of the vehicle, registration, repair and conversion costs. There are also running costs to consider. Insurance, taxes, repairs, tires, and fuel must also be paid for. In addition to the running costs, there are also TÜV fees, parking space costs and tolls. The acquisition of an expedition vehicle is expensive and the maintenance and various expenses are added. Before buying a used vehicle that will be converted into an expedition vehicle, you should calculate exactly what is needed and what the goal of the expedition is. If you still want an expedition vehicle, you already experience a real adventure with the conversion and registration. But when it is done you have the ultimate opportunity to escape from everyday life.

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