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Protection against thieves - the rim lock for the rim

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Protection against thieves - the rim lock for the rim

Anyone who has ever been stolen expensive rims, knows what it's all about: a good anti-theft device for expensive rims. If you want to prevent him from getting his car jacked up and standing on the street without rims one morning, you should definitely inform yourself about anti-theft measures. If an expensive rims are stolen, damage of several thousand euros can quickly result, especially if you steal products from the high end range. What options are there for securing valuable rims against thieves?

How to secure rims against theft?

Protection against thieves - the rim lock for the rim

The best known option is the so-called rim lock. This is not a lock in the conventional sense: it is rather special wheel bolts that can only be used with the appropriate tool ("Key" or "Key attachment") are to be opened. The bolt can only be loosened with a suitable socket wrench. These keys have a myriad of shapes that differ only minimally. So it is very unlikely that a thief could use a standard key to open a wheel lock. The way this wheel lock works is very simple and yet effective. The nut can only be turned off the bolt with a suitable wrench.

What if the lock is broken? Here is the solution!

Why is the rim lock recommendable, but not the ultimate solution? Because just like any other lock (Door lock, safe, bicycle lock) can be opened by a thief with the right tools and the right know-how and only enough strength and aggression. For every lock there is a thief who can open it. The crux of the matter is: he is always under time pressure and has to hurry to avoid getting caught. And this is where the rim lock shows its greatest strength. It can be cracked somehow in the long run, but that takes a lot more time than simply turning down a wheel nut and removing the rim. THAT is the real plus point of wheel locking with a good rim lock.

So worth a wheel lock?

Protection against thieves - the rim lock for the rim

Short answer: Yes: Of course, every lock can be cracked, even in the most secure safe. But just because a wheel lock can in principle be cracked does not mean that it is useless. The lock represents an obstacle that the thief must overcome. This shifts the inhibition threshold for simple wheel theft upwards. Because with high-quality locks it is not easy to loosen them with pipe wrenches, powerful hands and other coarse tools. You can even increase the value of the wheel lock by giving each individual wheel a different lock that requires a different key to open. This increases the cost of acquisition and you have to use different keys. But the theft is then associated with a disproportionately higher amount of effort. However, what should be considered: if you want to change the tires and have misplaced the key or the lock is rusted, then often only violent measures such as drilling out or knocking off will help.

There are innumerable providers

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Protection against thieves - the rim lock for the rim

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Protection against thieves - the rim lock for the rim

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Protection against thieves - the rim lock for the rim

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Protection against thieves - the rim lock for the rim

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Protection against thieves - the rim lock for the rim

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