Frenching / Tunnels - What are "frenched" car parts?

frenched Attachments are components that in tunnels are reset in the body. Well-known is the design of old American vehicles. For example, rear lights in the rear bumper, headlamps in the front bumper, the license plate holder or antennas, which are embedded in the body, are often used in old American vehicles as frenched executed. This has the effect of making the vehicle relatively glatt looks. The name comes from the end result and looks like a French cuff of a shirt sleeve, which has a ridge at the end. It is also occasionally called tunnels and is a well-known modification and popular with classic cars.

a clean and smooth look

The headlight or taillight can be sprung in two ways: either remove the bezel, install the light deeper into the body of the car or use the rear light housing and use the headlight rings of another vehicle (or retrofit kit) to lower it into the body to assemble. Or you can do this by changing the fixtures of the fixture so that they can be removed from the back by welding the bezel to the enclosure once the chrome plating has been removed, and then painting the enclosure color. This visually extends the vehicle and smooths the body.

Frenched headlights for the perfect look

When GM developed the headlight design for the '55 Chevy, it was all about show and lots of chrome. The design was textured around a shiny headlamp insert that filled in a large headlamp opening in the fender for a bold look. While inserting is a definite style of the Tri-Five Chevy, it's not good for the customizer. For a fan of this tuning culture, large, eye-catching chrome inserts that surround the headlights are gaudier than the Kardashian's New Years Eve! Which means that the only possible remedy is through an "improved" look frenchen is achieved. Every seam - or form of chrome decoration - is welded, painted and clad directly into the body as a simple extension.

popular in the course of further modifications

The work is fairly simple for the most part, but since it was developed in the early days of customization, the concept ran rampant with a wealth of ideas on how to use frenched headlights. Some simply opted to use the vehicle's existing headlamp bezels and rings, while others selected rings of different makes and models. As fad arrived, the customizers soon realized that certain types of rings and bezels were suitable for this type of work. Some of the favorites were the replicas of 52er Fords, 55er Chevys (cars), 56er Oldsmobiles, 52er Mercury and 58er Chevys for people who wanted a twin headlight. Since the introduction of Frenched headlamps, the demand is so high that several companies offer their own versions of Frenching kits on the market today.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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