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For the optimal performance of the Turbo, the Turbo Outlet!

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Turbo outlet Tuning Turbocharger 4 For the optimal performance of the turbo, that Turbo Outlet!

Turbo outlet is a term that is used in connection with the tuning of a vehicle. A turbo outlet is a vehicle component that is already installed ex works. The turbo outlet sits on the pressure port (fresh air side) of the turbocharger and is factory-built in such a way that it absorbs noise and creates air turbulence that impairs performance. A Tuning Turbo Outlet, on the other hand, is structured differently and for certain car models as a plug-and-play variant, often as a set Turbo inlet and Airpipe / intake pipe, available. The topic of Turbo Outlet tuning is discussed in more detail below.

Tuning Turbo Outlet - what is that good for?

Turbo outlet Tuning Turbocharger 5 For the optimal performance of the turbo, that Turbo Outlet!

Turbo outlets for vehicle tuning are available in stores for certain vehicle models. The automotive parts are structured differently than the Turbo Outlets ex works and should lead to the following properties in a tuned vehicle:

  • Turbo acoustics should be improved
  • Throttle response should be improved
  • Air turbulence should be reduced

The Turbo Outlet ex works usually has openings that create air turbulence. The openings serve to dampen the sound. But the performance is inhibited by the air turbulence. A turbo outlet from the tuning area does not have the openings and should guarantee an optimal gas flow. The air turbulence that is otherwise through the openings in the air flow is reduced. The acoustics of the turbocharger are also richer.

What to look for when buying a turbo outlet?

Turbo outlet Tuning Turbocharger 7 For the optimal performance of the turbo, that Turbo Outlet!

A turbo outlet is used in the tuning area to increase the performance of the vehicle and to maintain rich turbo acoustics. If you buy a turbo outlet, you should pay attention to the suitability of the vehicle part for the respective engine and of course the built-in turbo. The Turbo Outlet should be able to be exchanged for the factory-installed vehicle part without any problems. For example, plug-and-play versions for 2.0T and 1.8T TSI engines are available in stores from the VW / Audi shelf, which can directly replace the turbo outlets installed ex works. The Tuning Turbo Outlet is supposed to optimize the gas flow, which is why no openings are built into the vehicle part. This not only means that the air turbulence is reduced, but also that there is no soundproofing and the sound of the turbocharger sounds richer. A turbo outlet for tuning a vehicle also usually increases the torque a little and the turbocharger shows better response behavior. Manufacturers of turbo outlets for the tuning sector state that the torque can be increased by up to 15 Nm.

the turbo outlet should be of high quality

High-quality turbo outlets also consist of high-quality materials, such as aircraft aluminum or carbon. Variants for many engine and turbocharger models are available in stores. If you want to buy a turbo outlet for your vehicle, you should not only pay attention to the installation suitability for the respective turbocharger model. Replacing the factory-installed turbo outlet may void the vehicle's warranty. Before buying and installing a tuning turbo outlet, the legal side should be clarified. It is advisable to inquire in a tuning workshop as well as with the testing authorities (TÜV, DEKRA) whether a turbo outlet can be installed and used in traffic to increase performance.

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go For the best performance from the Turbo, the Turbo Outlet!

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