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iAcro - the mouthpiece of the Chinese tuning scene.

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VW Lamando Stance Camber Tuning 6 iAcro the mouthpiece of the Chinese tuning scene.

It is not the case that there is a steadily growing tuning scene only in Europe, the USA and Japan, but also in China and in Southeast Asia. In China in particular, the number of tuned automobiles is increasing by leaps and bounds every month, as more and more young Chinese think that standard cars are far too monotonous and boring for them. Not only Chinese brands are popular, but also larger sedans and sports cars from Japanese and European manufacturers. Due to the enormously growing tuning scene in China, there are more and more manufacturers who are devoting themselves to tuning accessories, which is currently creating a gigantic tuning industry in the Middle Kingdom.

iAcrophobia organizes tuning meetings

iAcrophobia Tuning iAcro the mouthpiece of the Chinese tuning scene.

The most well-known tuning community called iAcrophobia, or iAcro for short, which has its largest "chapter" in Shanghai, organizes brand-open tuning meetings throughout China and Southeast Asia, which means that the tuner scene is becoming more and more professional and increasingly networked. In the meantime iAcrophobia has set up so-called "chapters" all over the Asian continent in order to be able to set up local and continental brand-open car meetings of all sizes quickly and effectively. The director of iAcro is the Chinese Haitao Shi, who privately drives a heavily modified Lexus LS 430 and is therefore an integral part of the tuning scene. Until recently, the iAcro scene was closely associated with the air suspension manufacturer AccuAir, which sponsored most of these meetings and presented its latest products at them. However, AccuAir is insolvent and so the scene will have to look for a new favorite brand and new advertising media who want to present their products at the countless iAcrophobia tuning meetings. The passion for automobiles and tuning can also be fully felt at the iAcro meetings, and the customization options are even greater in China than in Germany, as there are TÜV very carefully when it comes to examining modified cars. As we have already written in several articles about Chinese tuning objects, the conversions are becoming more and more professional, and it would certainly be fascinating for every car fan to be able to be a guest at an iAcro meeting.

Framework programs for every taste.

iAcrophobia Tuning Meeting China iAcro the mouthpiece of the Chinese tuning scene.

At these meetings there are not only cars to marvel at, but also various supporting programs and contests, such as Drift racing or Show & Shine Contest, in which the cars are driven individually onto a stage so that the audience can evaluate them. At the end of the day, a jury and the audience decide which vehicles will win trophies and which will not.

Chinese version of

The steadily growing CDM scene is represented by iAcrophobia in our opinion, and the organization is similar to, which regularly organizes brand-open tuning meetings in Germany. If you are more interested in the Chinese tuning scene, then we recommend looking for iAcro on YouTube, because there you will find videos that make every heart of a true car fan beat faster.

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What is a gearbox adapter kit needed for tuning?

Transmission adapter kit Transmission conversion kit Tuning 310x165 iAcro the mouthpiece of the Chinese tuning scene.

What is a universal jack support for?

Jacking Point Jacking Point Tuning 3 310x165 iAcro the mouthpiece of the Chinese tuning scene.

What are reinforcement plates needed for tuning?

Reinforcement sheet metal repair sheet tuning 310x165 iAcro the mouthpiece of the Chinese tuning scene.

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 iAcro the mouthpiece of the Chinese tuning scene.

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