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LWSFCK - Automotive Lifestyle Clothing for the Scene!

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LWSFCK LowAsFuck low as fuck Tuning 2 LWSFCK Automotive Lifestyle Clothing for the scene!

The Tuning scene there are always special proper names that you have already heard, but cannot really assign. Here are an example Canibeat, Sourkrauts or Dapper mentioned. And also LWSFCK® is such a special term. But what does LWSFCK actually and what is behind it? LWSFCK is its own label! And of course that has its origins in Automotive sector. Incidentally, LWSFCK means "low as fuck“(LowAsFuck), which we don't need to explain in more detail at this point. The team behind LWSFCK makes it absolutely clear that they lowered cars love. It does not matter whether the lowering is by means of Airride air suspension, special coilover or whatever is achieved. The only important thing is that the box must be deep! The main focus is of course not on a dull leasing vehicle by means of a factory Lowering springs from the surcharge list was reduced by 15 mm, but vehicles that were planned and implemented with love and passion. However, LWSFCK stands not only for lowered Vehicles.

What does LWSFCK® do?

LWSFCK LowAsFuck low as fuck Tuning 1 LWSFCK Automotive Lifestyle Clothing for the scene!

The LWSFCK brand identifies with any kind of tuning. So the team is not just a fan of deep vehicles, but of them passionthat connects the tuning scene. And this passion is not just about the car and the hobby of tuning. It is the attitude to life! It doesn't matter which brand you prefer. The smell of gasoline in the air and the style of custom tuning make up this scene. And in the end that leads to everyone being part of one big family. The Automotive lifestyle clothing label sells high-quality lifestyle clothing that is worn both in the garage and at tuning meetings. It all started in 2013 with self-made Bumper stickers and shipping in a garage. After the brand awareness increased significantly, it became significantly larger in 2016 and 2017. Since then there has been a new logo, a larger range and countless new ideas. With the move in 2017, a warehouse of approx. 300 m² was made available. LWSFCK® stands for Exclusivity, Quality and Reliability. In addition to the stickers, the range now includes Hoodies, T-Shirts, air freshener, Keyrings and plenty of other products related to the automotive lifestyle.

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LWSFCK LowAsFuck low as fuck Tuning LWSFCK Automotive Lifestyle Clothing for the scene!

Below are a few examples from our tuning lexicon:

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3D license plate CARBONOPTIK Tuning 2018 20 e1609245853495 310x165 LWSFCK Automotive Lifestyle Clothing for the scene!

A body strength report for the engine swap?

GM V8 Swap Fiat 8V Ghia Supersonic 3 310x165 LWSFCK Automotive Lifestyle Clothing for the scene!

The impact test! What must the rims be able to withstand!

Impact test Impact report Impact test Tuning e1609243671416 310x165 LWSFCK Automotive Lifestyle Clothing for the scene!

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