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Info: What is the advantage of metal valves?

Info: What is the advantage of metal valves?

Metal and rubber valves are available when it comes to new valves for the wheel set. Rubber valves are the conventional variants that can often be found on vehicles. Metal valves have been offered as an alternative to rubber valves for many years and are even mandatory from a certain maximum speed.

Metal valves or rubber valves?

Info: What is the advantage of metal valves?

Metal valves are preferred in the tuning area. The articles are considered robust and offer a better look compared to the rubber valves. Above all, the combination of aluminum rims and metal valves creates a harmonious picture. Metal valves also offer other advantages. They are more tightly sealed than the rubber versions and offer better stability when measuring air pressure. Tires that are driven at high pressures benefit from this better seal. In addition, metal valves do not have to be replaced every time a tire is changed. That is what the valve variants have ahead of their rubber counterparts. Tip: It is important to pay attention to this when a tire change is due for a tire with TPMS.

Are there any disadvantages?

Info: What is the advantage of metal valves?

Metal valves are more expensive than rubber valves. And the valve variants made of metal are very inflexible compared to the simple rubber valves. This means there is a risk of breakage if metal valves touch the curb. When purchasing, care should be taken that the valves are not too long to avoid contact with the curb. Metal valves of different lengths are commercially available. Even hidden valves can be bought. They are also usually made of metal.

When do metal valves have to be used?

Whether metal or rubber valves are used is also a safety issue. If you drive your vehicle at high speeds, you need metal valves. The valve variant can cope with centrifugal forces much better. Valves made of rubber are therefore only allowed up to a speed of 210 km / h. A vehicle that is approved for high speeds therefore needs the metal valves. Rubber valves can bend at high speeds, while metal valves remain stable. The manufacturer's specifications for rubber valves are therefore clearly formulated and they only state suitability for up to 210 km / h.

Note the rim certificate

Info: What is the advantage of metal valves?

Anyone who buys new rims should definitely read the attached report. The valve variants can be specified there. The report then states whether the new wheel has to be fitted with a metal valve or whether the rubber version is sufficient. An exchange of rubber valves against metal ones is possible at any time and almost every rim is also suitable for this. The reverse is generally not the case. Not every rim is suitable for the use of rubber valves, especially with regard to the mentioned maximum speed of the vehicle.

Metal valves - what to look for when buying?

Metal valves must be properly processed and suitable for high speeds (over 210 km / h). The items should be purchased from a specialist dealer who is known for quality in the tuning sector, for example. It is advisable to pay attention to the length of the valves and not just to focus on the appearance. Metal valves should not touch the curb and therefore not protrude too far from the rim. The articles are not only available in silver metal colors. Black, blue, red and yellow valves are also available for purchase. If you are looking for a specific valve color that goes particularly well with the rims, you will find it in specialist shops. Hidden metal valves can also be purchased in stores. Hidden valves have the advantage that they can be completely sunk into the rim.

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In summary, the information on metal valves:

  • When are metal valves mandatory?
    - from 210 km / h and if the rims have an accompanying certificate, where the use of metal valves is expressly stated.
  • Can you change the valve?
    - YES! Best when changing tires. For example, if you replace an entire set of tires, changing the valves is not an additional problem.
  • Why metal valves?
    - Better appearance in combination with aluminum rims. Better stability, higher tightness with high tire pressure.
  • Which tire valves can you buy?
    - French valve (Sclaverand or Presta valve), car valve (Schrader valve), Dunlop valve (bicycle valve or Blitz valve)

in the video: exchange valves / exchange metal valves


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Info: What is the advantage of metal valves?

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Info: What is the advantage of metal valves?

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Info: What is the advantage of metal valves?

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  1. 210 km/h? Nice that Skoda installed rubber valves on my Octavia RS 247km/h, but after the first summer they were used as winter rims! Have these exchanged for metal valves the next time the rubber is changed, I have a problem with a wheel every time I put this on in winter.

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