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Look and function! The spoiler sword on the vehicle!

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Spoiler sword Rieger Tuning Front spoiler optics and function! The spoiler sword on the vehicle!

Spoilers in the front area are intended to reduce the lift force and additionally stabilize the vehicle, especially at high speeds. Due to the reduced buoyancy, the power transmission to the road and the driving characteristics are improved. The better driving stability also affects the lateral acceleration and ensures higher cornering speeds. The front spoiler is a well-known aid for reducing lift force. The spoiler lip or spoiler sword is also used together to improve the driving characteristics. A spoiler sword is not only referred to as a spoiler lip, but also as a front diffuser and belongs to the bodykit. The spoiler sword and its properties are discussed in more detail below.

Spoiler sword - what is it for?

Spoiler Sword Tuning Front Spoiler Schuerzenlippe Optics and function! The spoiler sword on the vehicle!

The spoiler sword, also known as a spoiler lip, serves to protect the vehicle underbody and other vehicle elements, such as support joints, bulkhead and oil pan, from the direct wind. Air currents should be diverted through the diffuser in such a way that the buoyancy force is reduced. If the spoiler blade is missing, this can even occasionally lead to increased lift in tuning vehicles that drive at high speeds and the vehicle is less stable, for example when cornering. The spoiler lip ensures that the wind is diverted to the side and does not hit the underbody directly.

Spoiler sword - what to look for when buying?

Spoiler Sword Tuning Front Spoiler Schuerzenlippe 3 Look and Function! The spoiler sword on the vehicle!

The spoiler sword is installed as an add-on in the lower area of ​​the front spoiler. Similar to the sill swords on the side skirts. The vehicle article should be purchased exactly to fit the vehicle. Spoiler swords for many types of vehicles are commercially available. In the product descriptions, vehicle compatibility is specified with the corresponding front apron but also with an additional front spoiler. For example, a spoiler sword suitable for the VW Jetta is available, but also for a Jetta with a Rieger or ABT front apron. What is important is the accuracy of fit in combination with other accessories. The exact types and combinations can be found in the product descriptions. The descriptions explain which bumpers the respective spoiler sword fits to. There are also items that are only intended for standard bumpers and that cannot be combined.

paintability should be given

Spoiler sword tuning front spoiler paint apron lip e1599019538401 Look and function! The spoiler sword on the vehicle!

When buying, attention should also be paid to paintability, for example if the component is not made of carbon. There are unpainted versions that are available in matt black and models that, depending on the material, are painted or painted in the desired body color foiled can be. For example, spoiler swords are made of plastic (ABS). You should inquire directly with the manufacturer whether a variant can be painted. It is advisable to purchase a model that is ready to be assembled immediately. If you want to buy a paintable version, you should make sure that the vehicle part has a uniform surface structure and does not have to be processed in large quantities. This is often the case with parts made of GRP. In addition, GRP is not robust enough to withstand a bump.

Approval is mandatory in traffic

Spoiler swords are available in stores ABE certificate obtainable. Sellers advertise that the items, including the ABE certificate, are free of registration. However, it should be clarified with a testing authority (e.g. TÜV) whether the respective spoiler sword can be mounted on the vehicle without acceptance or whether a TÜV acceptance is necessary. Before assembly, the interested tuner should initially only position the parts to be assembled and check whether the elements really fit or need to be adjusted. The associated lowering should also be checked. Is the Dare too deep, there may be legal problems.

Spoiler sword - conclusion

A spoiler sword should improve the stability of the vehicle, especially at higher speeds, and ensure that lift is reduced. The airflow should not directly attack the underbody in the front area. When buying, attention should be paid to accuracy of fit and legal requirements.

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