Tires with white letters - worth knowing and useful!

[Update: September 27.09.2023, XNUMX] This post was updatedto take more recent information into account. Not that rough profile used for? Offroad tires already a correct one per se attraction. Are the flanks with white font provided, the effect is added again reinforced. The white tires are quite rare and you may have had the experience in the past that the desired font not was available even though the product initially suggested it. Below is an explanation of how complications avoided what should be taken into account when purchasing and how you can finally get the desired one without any problems white font kommen.

OWL tires / RWL tires – tires with white lettering

Während Whitewall tires on the whole flank complete equipped with white paint gives up OWL tires only one white lettering. But there are for this save uniform standards with regard to the designation. The abbreviation OWL or RWL tires, you will come across more often.

  • OWL tires: The abbreviation stands for "Outlined white letters“So the letters are white contour. The possible elevation can be concise, but it is no need.
  • RWL tires: The abbreviation stands for "Raised white letters“, The letters are complete white and stab on the Tire wall Hervor.

The abbreviations WL or WLT extension to encounter. These abbreviations stand for "White lettering“The letters filled with white stand out in contrast to the OWL tires not necessarily by a Elevation out. The special tires are not only popular with offroad fans, the motorcycle is also upgraded with the white flanks.

Add white letters yourself?

The search for suitable RWL or OWL tires can prove complicated at certain sizes. Specific tire Sticker or Tire pins for DIY attachment of the white (or colored differently) Fonts are possible here Alternatives. However, you should note that the alternatives are more vulnerable than the originals and a higher tendency to wear must be expected. Care products like one Tire gloss can then not develop their optimal effect.

The lettering is blue - a problem?

Don't worry, usually it is white font for transport with a blue seal Mistake. By simply using a Sponge and it can be easily removed with warm water. If the color turns out to be persistent, however, add something Soapy water. Still no success? Our insider tip is called window cleaner. All blue residues will be no later than then disappear completely! This tip is also suitable for a possible Font pollution from off-road driving or brake dust.

Tips for buying tires with white letters

The profiles with white font on Tire wall are rather few and far between. Not uncommon are just specific Constructs to find. This can be done with the special technology the Paint application justify. The equipment of a manufacturer's works usually varies, so that the production of different profile sizes not always takes place in the same plant. The results are often just common sizes with the white writing on the tire wall. And unfortunately the photo is also online when you buy it not necessarily a reliable indicator, usually supplied by the dealer himself - the product presentation is like this only exemplary. So let the first impression of the Product image don't be fooled. That always plays an important role Tire designation. The manufacturer usually specified separatelywhether it is a RWL or OWL model concerns.

the most important abbreviations at a glance

  • OWL, WL
    - Out White Lines / tires with white stripes on the outside wall
  • OWLS
    - Outline White Letter Size / white outline font
  • O.W.T.
    - Out White Tires with white wall or white stripes.
  • P
    - White raised lettering
  • Rbl
    - Raised Black Letters
  • RBT
    - Raised Black Tubeless / special design of the side wall lettering, protruding black letters
  • ROWL
    - Raised Outline White Letters
  • RWLS
    - Raised White Letters
  • WL, WLT
    - White Letters
  • WSS, WW
    - White wall / white side wall

Tire stickers: are they allowed and how to use them correctly?

What are tire stickers?

  • Originally used in racing for advertising tire Sticker has found growing popularity in the tuning scene. They make it possible to give the vehicle an individual look without requiring a large budget. The creative possibilities range from advertising messages to tire manufacturer logos to personalized designs.

Basic Types of Tire Stickers:

  1. tire Sticker – Here the customer creates the design himself with letters, words or numbers.
  2. Tire stripes – These are mainly used to give the car a racing look.
  3. Manufacturer logos – Popular tire brands often offer special logo stickers for their products.

Are tire stickers allowed?

  • Yes, but only if they are professionally made. Since car tires are very delicate, it is crucial to use special, self-adhesive stickers that will not damage the tire rubber. It is strongly advised not to superglue or use other harsh chemicals as these can damage the tire.
  • TÜV statement: As long as the stickers are applied professionally and without harmful chemicals, the TÜV has no objections as the performance and function of the tire is not affected.

How do you install tire stickers?

  • Every reputable provider should have one detailed assembly instructions add. What is primarily important here is thorough cleaning and degreasing of the tire. It is not necessary to remove the tire.

Durability and care:

  • A properly applied tire sticker can up to 5 years last, which roughly corresponds to the lifespan of a tire. When used properly, most tire stickers are 100% suitable for car washes.

Speed ​​limit:

  • Most tire stickers are for speeds over 300 km / h designed. The stickers originally come from racing, where high speeds are common.
  • Tire style specializes in tire stickers and offers various models. Each type varies in price, size and length. If necessary, the stickers can also be applied by specialist dealers.

The use of professional tire stickers is not only permitted, but also an inexpensive way to individualize the vehicle. However, the above instructions should be observed during installation and care to ensure safety and not damage the tire.

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