What is the adjustable panhard rod for the tuning vehicle?

[Update: 11.10.2023] This post was updatedto take more recent information into account. The so-called Panhard staff (named after its inventor René Panhard) represents a guiding element in relation to the chassis, which is used in numerous vehicle types that have a Rigid axle can be found. The lateral guide for axles was invented in France as early as the 1890s. The company Panhard & Levassor, which was also the namesake, created a product that will last forever, which is still in great demand today.

Function of a Panhard stick!

Many vehicles with rigid axles often have Leaf springs built in or have trailing arms that are connected to the body or chassis. Hence the negative aspect that Lateral movements the respective axis are given. This is also due to the spring-loaded integrated connection, which moves up and down. The result is that the respective vehicle not keeps on track adequately. A Panhard stick is used here. This supports the transverse forces and at the same time specifically restricts at least one of the six degrees of freedom of the respective axis. This takes over the Axis lateral guidance.

Many refer to this component, i.e. the Panhard rod, also as a so-called wishbone due to this function. As a result, the respective axis is jammed. The Panhard rod overrides this kinematically. An elasticity and mobility must be created that compensates for the lack of freedom. The leaf springs take over the longitudinal guidance of the respective axis. In the case of helical suspension, the function is taken over by separate trailing arms.

Advantages of the adjustable Panhard rod!

Panhard bars can be designed and offered for sale for different landing gear sizes. These enable the settings the respective front axle. An optimized follow-up is generated when assembling higher-lying undercarriages. In addition, most Panhard bars offer one powder coating. This not only offers the component long-lasting corrosion protection, but also protects it from weather-related influences.

The easy assembly as well different settings make the Panhard rod a component that can be easily installed by advanced tuning fans.

  • the Panhard rod is available with and without adjustment
  • the Panhard rod is usually powder-coated, galvanized or painted
  • the Panhard rod can reduce tension
  • an adjustable Panhard rod should have adjusting screws with screw locking
  • the Panhard rod can also be adjusted when it is installed
  • the Panhard rod should be able to be installed using a simple bolt-on assembly
  • The Panhard rod should fit original and aftermarket axles

Vibrations and shocks are absorbed

Another advantage is that vibrations and shocks can be better absorbed. It is worth considering whether it makes sense if, for example, you want to move around rough terrain in a jeep. The axle rebounds better without a Panhard rod than if one were installed. The disadvantage is that other components are in such a way due to the driving and terrain characteristics affected can be drawn. Ultimately, it always depends on where the vehicle is to be moved.

FAQ on the topic “Panhard rod”

1. What is a Panhard rod?

  • The Panhard staff is a Guide element the chassis, especially in cars with rigid axles. The technology was invented in the 1890s by Panhard & Levassor in France. The Panhard bar is a stable, usually parallel connection between the vehicle body and one side of the rigid axle to ensure controlled sideways movement of the axle while driving.

2. What function does it fulfill in the chassis?

  • In chassis with rigid axles the Panhard staff used to Lateral forces to be supported in a controlled manner and thus to avoid lateral displacement of the axle while driving. It limits one of the six degrees of freedom of the axis by controlling its Transverse guidance is responsible and is therefore often referred to as a wishbone.

3. How is the Panhard rod constructed?

  • A Panhard rod can have different shapes - as Stab, Profile or Rohr. It is at both suspension points swiveling stored and connects one side of the rigid axle with the opposite side. The effectiveness is based on the fact that the rod runs largely parallel to the axis and is only rotated minimally about its suspension points during the up and down movements of the axis.

4. Why is it also used for leaf springs?

  • Although long, soft laid out Leaf springs already provide a certain amount of lateral support, a Panhard rod is sometimes used additionally to provide this Improve lateral guidance and to enable more precise control of the vehicle when cornering.

5. Can it be retrofitted to any vehicle?

  • While it is ready for some models like MGB or certain Austin cars Retrofit kits It may also be necessary to make your own adjustments to install a Panhard rod. A detailed inspection of the axle design and possibly individual production is required.

6. How does a Panhard bar affect driving behavior?

  • The stabilizing effect of the Panhard rod the self-steering behavior and thus the Road holding significantly improved. When cornering, especially in classic cars, it contributes significantly to safe and controlled driving.

7. Are there alternatives?

  • Yes, the same purpose can also be achieved by one wishbone, One Watt linkage, or a diagonal one Pair of trailing arms be fulfilled. Which system is suitable depends on the specific axle and chassis design of the respective vehicle.

Concluding Remarks

The Panhard rod is an example of automotive technology that has proven itself over more than a century. When used correctly and integrated into the chassis, it can significantly improve the driving characteristics, primarily in classic vehicles, and thus ensure a safer and better driving experience.

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