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A vegetable oil (Pöl) conversion for the vehicle? The info!

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A vegetable oil (Pöl) conversion for the vehicle? The info!

Refueling differently, with vegetable oil? The desire for alternative fuels is still big and is getting bigger even in times of budding e-mobility. Environmental awareness also plays a major role here. One strives for Alternatives for the raw material crude oil, so that we can also be mobile in the future. Furthermore, it is about the now extremely big topic "Environmental Protection"! But that is also for drivers Price an important criterion. It cannot be dismissed out of hand, refueling any fuel is expensive. And that is true also for e-vehicleswhich, in our opinion, are often only calculated nicely. That is why cheaper alternatives are like Autogas still popular. But there is still a possibility. Vegetable oil! Fill up with vegetable oil and go on your carefree journeys, that sounds great, doesn't it? And vehicles that can be driven with vegetable oil have been around for many years.

unknown: vegetable oil (Pöl) conversion

However, this ecological form of fuel is still rather unknown and accordingly there are many questions about it. What does Pöl stand for? Which oils can be used? So also belong to the vegetable oils Sunflower oil and Rapeseed oil? You can at German petrol stations pole refuel? We will get to the bottom of these questions as far as possible. Yes, first of all the most common questions and our answers on the topic Vegetable oil (Pöl):

  • Is Pöl suitable for every car?
    Unfortunately noIf you want to use vegetable oil as an alternative, you have to go with some complex conversions count on your vehicle.
  • Biodiesel and Pöl, are these two substances identical?
    No, because with biodiesel the properties of the fuel are changed by means of chemical processes. The composition is adapted to the diesel.
  • Will salad oil be an alternative when refueling?
    There is actually the possibility of this with vehicles that have been converted. But unfortunately it would mean that consumers who would stock up on salad oil, tax evasion would commit. Finally, there are special taxes for fuels. That's why it's so easy unfortunately not.

Conversion to operation with Pöl, what must be considered?

A distinction is made here between two types: One One tank system is necessary. With this Pöl conversion, the car is then only operated with Pöl. For the startup process, no Diesel fuel is required, but this is important and necessary for heating oil. In addition, changes must be made to the Injectors and glow plugs made if you want to use vegetable oil.

A vegetable oil (Pöl) conversion for the vehicle? The info!

The following is a good example of an old one VW Golf 3 with vortex / pre-chamber diesel (no TDI, no PD engine):

  • Installation of stronger fuel lines
  • Installation of fuel preheating / heating with hot cooling water
  • Installation of new injection nozzles with higher opening pressure and adjustment of the injection timing

In the Two tank system becomes a small tank zusätzlich with built-in. Diesel is poured into this and it just comes to start the engine for use. As soon as the operating temperature is reached, the fuel supply switches to vegetable oil (Pöl). You can find out from the manufacturer whether your vehicle is suitable for retrofitting to Pöl. A specialist workshop is available to you at any time with advice and action if you have any questions about this. Furthermore, it should be noted that any conversion, including conversion to Vegetable oil engine, appraised and approved must become.

Vegetable oils as fuel, but which ones?

Various vegetable oils (abbreviated as Pöl) that can be used as fuel for diesel engines are suitable. In this country is mostly Rapeseed oil used, alternatively you can also Sunflower oil Refuel in your car (salad oil from the supermarket). But consider the subject tax evasion and the note in the supermarket. There is almost always written: "Dispatch only in commercially available quantities". In other words, nobody will be able to leave a supermarket with 70 liters of vegetable oil.

A vegetable oil (Pöl) conversion for the vehicle? The info!

Pöl as an alternative to diesel?

Not every car with a diesel engine is suitable for use with Pöl suitable. It is mainly because that vegetable oil has one greater viscosity disposes. For a better understanding, one can imagine that Pöl is a lot more viscous is than normal diesel. That affects the Ignitability negative. Therefore, the engine has to be taken from Pöl before refueling converted and adapted become. In some cases, major modifications to the car are therefore necessary.

Biodiesel and Pöl, what are the differences?

Biodiesel is allowed not be confused with Pöl! There are two different fuels. It is right that biodiesel is made from vegetable oils is produced, but then it changes the properties of diesel using a chemical process customized.

Can you fill up with vegetable oil at every petrol station?

Rapeseed oil is barely found at gas stations. Pöl can only be purchased directly in a few places. Therefore, it is advisable to get a own gas station set up. You can have Pöl available in your own plastic tank and refuel if necessary. Please note, however, that from this private location you will then sometimes be strong dependent are. Further trips must be planned meticulously with regard to the possibilities for Refuel from PöL. Such a conversion is particularly useful for vehicles that are moved within a narrow radius.

A vegetable oil (Pöl) conversion for the vehicle? The info!

And vegetable oil is used as fuel for refueling taxed since 2008. That's why it is To use salad oil from the supermarket for these purposes. Violations will be punished legally. You commit with it tax evasion.

What is the price for refueling in Pöl?

Consumers were able to benefit from the low fuel price of vegetable oil for a long time. Since January 2008 the tax rate according to the new energy tax law has been increasing again and again raised. Therefore, the tax rate has been included since 2012 45 cents per liter. The normal diesel costs 47,04 cents per liter. The result is that the price advantage for the use of vegetable oils has decreased significantly as a result. In particular with regard to the high costs for any retrofitting.

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A vegetable oil (Pöl) conversion for the vehicle? The info!

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A vegetable oil (Pöl) conversion for the vehicle? The info!

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A vegetable oil (Pöl) conversion for the vehicle? The info!

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  1. Alexandros Moumoulidis

    Hello, everything that is described here is only half-knowledge, you should ask people who had experience with it. I myself am 30000km in the 190D. Driven pure salad oil without modification. Regardless of whether it is rapeseed or sunflower oil. No problem. Even in winter the car drove without any problems. In very cold temperatures you just have to let it warm up for a few minutes. No seals were broken, no hoses broken, nothing. The only thing you had to do was change the diesel filter every 6000km.

    Vegetable oil is a food and is taxed and must not be taxed twice. That's why it's not tax evasion! Otherwise they would have withdrawn all PÖL vehicles at the time. But then they found another option. Within just 6 months, the PÖL was just as expensive as the diesel. What a coincidence !!!

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