No terrain too impassable with a tire pressure control system

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If the surface is loose, such as sand or mud, tires quickly reach their limits. Especially when they are operated at the specified tire pressure for the road. Getting stuck then only helps using a lot of manual labor or recovering with the help of another vehicle or with one winch. An alternative is to lower the tire inflation pressure (tire pressure) before driving on difficult terrain. Afterwards, the tires have to be driven again with normal pressure to increase safety and driving comfort and not to wear out unnecessarily. However, this has to be done separately for each bike, which is quite cumbersome and time-consuming. To comfortably solve this dilemma, a pressure control system (Tire pressure control system) are used.

Construction of the tire pressure control system

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In simple terms, the system consists of a pressure accumulator with an upstream compressor, a control unit, pressure lines and a rotary feedthrough on the axle corresponding to the vehicle. The pressure is measured using a radio transmitter as in conventional pressure monitoring systems or in the control system itself. The lines are available in 1-wire or 2-wire versions. 1-pipe systems continuously show the pressure in the tire, but are prone to wear. 2-pipe systems are depressurized after use, but are more complex. In both systems, the air supply is implemented via lines to the rim. The system is operated via a mechanical or electronic unit in the vehicle interior. Control systems with GPS input are further developments. With these, the position is used to select a tire pressure that is adapted to the surface and the driving modes set by the driver. If the system determines that the vehicle is on loose ground, the pressure is reduced and vice versa. In addition, systems can be integrated that can enrich the air with tire sealants.

Use of a tire pressure control system

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If the ground is loose, the control valves are opened and the air in the tire can escape. When the desired pressure is reached, the valves are closed. This increases the contact area of ​​the tires and increases traction. Another effect is the greater self-emptying of the tire tread due to the greater deformation of the tire. When the tires are subsequently filled, the valves to the pressure accumulator are opened in order to increase the pressure in the tire again. This lowers the rolling resistance for the road and thus the fuel consumption. When parking, the pressure can be increased further to minimize the effort.

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If the system detects a drastic pressure loss that was not specified by the system, a tire sealant can be added to the inflowing air to seal the leak, if modified accordingly. The use in vehicles is therefore not only limited to agricultural machinery, but can also be interesting for off-road vehicles that are intended for off-road use or for armored vehicles as additional safety equipment. The investment and the workload are definitely worth it. The visual influences of the cables in such vehicles can also be neglected, because the system can normally be installed invisibly.

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