Tip: Sufficient grip with the right snow chains!

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You intend to go to the mountains in winter? In some areas there is even one during the cold season Schneekettenpflichtwhen the roads become impassable. You can fall back on different versions and for safety's sake stow in the trunk, if you plan in winter, to drive higher elevations. What benefits you have, if you have snow chains and what is important, you will find out in the following article.

When will snow chains be used?

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Whenever you notice the traffic sign no. 268, then you should immediately put on the snow chains. This is often required at higher altitudes when weather conditions are extremely dangerous. To drive and steer the car safely, the chains grip the snow and slippery roads and provide the necessary grip to maintain control.

Which snow chains can you buy?

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You can buy universal snow chains that are compatible with any tire size and tire manufacturer. Other models, however, you have to vote with your tire size. Buy snow chains made of TPU material or metal with integrated rim protection and get ready for the winter season. With the help of simple descriptions, you can attach the snow chains quickly and easily. Here you will be offered different techniques, which you can refer to the respective assembly instructions. There are a lot of different variants and everyone swears by something else. At the very end of this post, we've included some videos that may help you find the right system for your car and your area of ​​operation.

Worauf muss man esteem?

Pay attention first and foremost to the customer reviews and the described driving behavior. There are snow chains to buy in the mounting kit. The advantage is that you always have everything you need to mount your snow chains properly. You can buy cheap snow chains, but always check tire sizes for compatibility.

On which wheels are they mounted?

Basically, the snow chains are mounted on the drive wheels. If you drive a four-wheel drive vehicle, you should study the operating instructions and find out if the snow chains need to be mounted on the front and rear wheels. This may vary depending on the four-wheel drive system. Basically, damage can not be done because what is the use of an optimally driven rear axle if wheels can not move the steering commands forward while steering?

How fast can you drive with snow chains?

Snow chains maximum speed

In any case, the weather conditions usually do not allow you to drive fast when the snow chain requirement is signposted. Anyone who drives with snow chains will notice the bumpy driving behavior and the driving noises can be irritating at first. Most drivers who drive with chains consider a speed of 40-50 km / h to be appropriate. The maximum speed for vehicles with snow chains is 50 km / h.

Which manufacturers of snow chains are there?

If you want to buy high quality snow chains, then you have many manufacturers to choose from. These manufacturers convince with a good customer rating:

  • MASO
  • RUD
  • and many more

And finally ... Drive safely and with a good feeling into the snowy winter landscape and lead your snow chains mounting kit with you. The snow chains give you the vehicle control on slippery and snowy roads back. Without snow chains you can not drive in winter, many place. Safely secure yourself by putting on the snow chains properly.

more videos at the end of the article

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Video Nissan Gt R With Lounch Con

in summary - clear the car properly from snow:

  • Remove snow and prepare the ground
    – Dig up the car with a shovel or similar tool
    – all wheels should be visible
    – In addition to snow, also watch out for ice
    – heavy or deep snow requires a lot of strength
    – Be sure to dig out the tires far enough so that you can get in
    – Do not necessarily remove ice with a rough surface, it may offer grip
    – Look at the exhaust before starting the engine (it must be free of snow, otherwise exhaust gases can get inside)
    - Spread something granular around the tires (behind and next to the tires, powder - grit - wood chips - salt - cat litter - car mats - door mats - carpet scraps, this gives the tires more grip)
    - try to drive out
  • Place solid objects such as boards, checker plates, etc. in front of and behind the tires
    – this gives grip if the litter didn't work
    – Driving the car out of the snow
    - Switch to four-wheel drive, if available
    – Put on snow chains, if available
    – shift to the lowest gear (automatic vehicle level 1)
    – Straighten the wheels
    – Turn the steering wheel so that the front wheels are as straight as possible
    – rock the car out of the snow (a bit backwards, forwards again, etc.)
    – Proceed carefully and not too much speed
    - if there are no visible successes after a few minutes, give up to keep your gear intact
  • let some air out of the tires
    – deflate until the tire can be easily depressed (no longer than 20 to 30 seconds)
    – but only if the tires are not already low on air
    – do not let out too much air if you have no way of increasing the tire pressure again afterwards
    – Do not let the wheels spin
    – the wheels spin but nothing moves, let it go
    – Inflate air again
  • lift the car
    – Clear a sufficiently large area for the jack
    – If possible, use a particularly stuck bike
    – Remove loose snow and ice as best as possible
    – Clear a flat and firm place for the jack
    – Only raise the car with the jack at a stable point on the frame
    – Lay down a solid base for the jack
    – lift the car from the vehicle / jack according to the operating instructions
    – fill up the area under the tire with solid objects to give it grip (sand, gravel, rocks, blankets, plants, wood shavings)
    – compress the whole thing (if possible with a rubber mallet or stone)
    - Lower the car
    - try to drive out

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