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Cover tilted: Sideflip tuning on hood & tailgate!

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Sideflip tuning bonnet tailgate conversion 2 cover tilted: Sideflip tuning on hood & tailgate!

In the tuning scene, you know a lot of tricks to make your own vehicle stand out from the crowd. One of them is the “flipping” of the bonnet or the tailgate. More precisely, the classic opening of the flaps is removed and a slightly different approach is chosen - namely that of "Side flips". The tuned / modified component no longer opens upwards, as is usual with the standard equipment, but to the left or right. The hoods and tailgates come out, which can be hinged to the side and, at least when open, attract significantly more attention. This method is like the upgrade of a conversion Front flip bonnet / front flip tailgate. Depending on the vehicle model, you should note a few things when tuning your own car.

The Sideflip bonnet

Sideflip tuning bonnet tailgate conversion 3 cover tilted: Sideflip tuning on hood & tailgate!

Sometimes converting the bonnet to the side stop can be done by attaching the series hinges again. These are then either attached on the outside to allow opening from the side or, which is the nicer and more elegant solution, on the inside of the hood. If attachment inside is not possible, thinner hinges can often be attached between the bonnet and the water drainage edge and then painted. Unfortunately, the conversion is not always so easy. Many bonnets of the series models have a laterally curved shape, which can make it difficult to attach the series hinges. Here either specially made hinges or, if necessary, replacement hinges from the hardware store have to be used. In order to secure the bonnet, if you have actually undertaken such a conversion, additional ones should generally be made quick release be attached so that the hood does not open automatically on vehicles that reach higher speeds.

don't forget the hood lock

Sideflip tuning bonnet tailgate conversion 4 cover tilted: Sideflip tuning on hood & tailgate!

And don't forget the hood lock installed at the factory. If you leave the receptacle unchanged, the counterpart will rarely fall into the lock properly after the conversion and lock the hood correctly. On the one hand the angle is different, on the other hand the complete position in relation to the hinges is different. The lock should be opposite the hinges if possible and would therefore also have to be moved at great expense. In addition, reinforced gas damper are attached to the hinges, which prevent the hood from closing too quickly and causing damage to the paintwork or body. To stabilize the bonnet when opening from the side, thin metal struts can be used, which are attached along the edge. It should also be noted that a Sideflip bonnet can impair maintenance work on the vehicle and does not really bring any noteworthy advantages. Depending on the conversion of the car, isolated areas of the engine compartment could then no longer be easily accessible and repair work could be made more difficult. So even disadvantages are the problem. If a major repair is due, the bonnet must even be completely dismantled during every maintenance.

Tailgate side flip - a little more complex

When hitting the tailgate sideways, the same approach is generally recommended as for the side flip of the bonnet. Appropriate hinges are attached from the inside, the tailgate is strengthened and, at best, quick-release fasteners are installed. Opening the tailgate from the side can be a problem, especially for models with protruding rear lights. The taillights block the way and hinder a complete opening. One option here is to not convert the flap in the classic side style, but towards the diagonal opening. Depending on the model, the taillights are no longer in the way and the tailgate can be opened completely. Again, you should definitely think of the lock to lock. In the case of the tailgate, the lock is essentially even more complex, and if it is to continue to function, the conversion will be even more difficult. whether bonnet or tailgate, the conversion is very complex and cannot be answered in the affirmative or in the negative.

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Sideflip tuning bonnet tailgate conversion 8 cover tilted: Sideflip tuning on hood & tailgate!

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