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12 o'clock marking of steering wheel 1

Steering wheel markings are known from racing and are also referred to as 12 o'clock markings. The markings may already have been sewn into the steering wheels at the factory. However, it is also possible to retrofit a steering wheel marking for the vehicle. The following explains what this marking is all about.

Steering wheel marking 12 o'clock - what for?

12 o'clock marking of steering wheel 2

The steering wheel marking is understood on the one hand as an optical eye-catcher and accentuation. But a 12 o'clock steering wheel marking also has useful facets. The steering wheel markings are known from the racing sector and are used to enable the wheels to be centered. When the marker is in the 12 o'clock position, the wheels are also in the middle position. Such a marking can not only be applied as a visual accent in the 12 o'clock area. When tuning, the markings can also be placed elsewhere. The accentuation, also known as stripe marking, is an eye-catcher for car lovers.

Which stripe markings are possible?

12 o'clock marking of steering wheel 4

The steering wheel marking can be in the 12 o'clock position or can be attached to another steering wheel position. The tuning enthusiast will find companies on the Internet that generate such markings and install them in every steering wheel. Tuning workshops on site can also offer such a service. Steering wheel markings can be retrofitted in different ways. For example, it is possible to replace the steering wheel or to try a saddler. Certain companies from the professional tuning sector now also offer the option of inserting the marking into the steering wheel using a specialized adhesive process. The stickers can even be assembled by yourself. The latter method saves time and can be easily made by ordering online.

What materials can it be made of?

The marking can be made of leather or other materials and colors. There are essentially three different types of marking. Variant 1 is the simple 12 o'clock steering wheel marking! The simple marking consists of a strip that is up to 1 cm wide. Companies can be found on the Internet that offer such adhesive marking in various colors, widths and materials.Variant 2 is the oblique marking! This marking is not straight and can also be done at 12 noon. It is available in three-colored versions and leads to a stylish, dynamic steering wheel. Interested tuning enthusiasts can also purchase the oblique triple marking in leather variants and choose from different colors. Variant 3 is the straight three-color marking. The three-colored marking can be selected in different colors. The colors can be chosen freely, depending on the provider. The desired stripes are available, for example, from leather.

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12 o'clock marking of steering wheel 1

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